My story begins in Manhattan Beach, CA and I have decided that the experience of my past was perfect. 

I was surrounded by Olympians and Professional Athletes every time I went to the beach, the park, to church, or even out to eat.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but looking back I can see how I was exposed to how they live, how they train, how they blow off steam, ...and how they THINK.

My parents loved to adventure – camping, hiking, riding horses, playing in the waves, and month long road trips.  If the sun was up, we were outside, and the sun is up A LOT in Southern California.

They first time I got to look into the eyes of danger to reach the summit of a mountain, I was 9. 

The first time I ventured into the wild for days with nothing but the gear on my back, I was 11, I had hiked the 20 mile route through Haleakala Crater by the time I was 10 – And because of this, the first time I saw that belief was a choice I was still a kid. 

When asked what I had done last weekend, I replied I hiked to the top of Half Dome.  My classmates laughed at me, told me I was stupid because that was impossible and walked away.

I’ve reflected on this moment 1000 times and overtime I began to understand that they were right.  It was impossible …for them.  That was the price of their choice to believe it was impossible. 

I, on the other hand, had stood at the summit, felt that feeling, and I KNEW the cost of their belief was more than I was willing to pay.

This thirst for adventure and dance with the impossible lead me to the summit of Mount Rainier, to fighting my way onto a Division One volleyball team, to playing semi-pro football …at 33!!  It gave me a passion for sharing knowledge with the next generation, it gave me access to elite coaching as an athlete, to a community of people who do the impossible just because it’s Saturday, and it grew my faith.

This served me well when I was told I wasn’t good enough, when I was cut from teams, when I felt too old, when my marriage fell apart, when my daughter lost her faith in me, when I threw away the safety net of a 20 year teaching career …and most importantly,

it served me when I was tempted to “just survive” rather than pursue the unimaginable – and discover Whitney.

My journey has left me uniquely equipped to help other people go big.  On our journey together, you can count on me to remind you that you’re allowed to smile when you’re scared, you’re allowed to believe JUST because it makes your life better, and you’re allowed to feel peace – even in the heat of the battle.

-Jake Roehl

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There is Power in Freedom

I never knew what it was like to be free from the chaos in my mind: anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.

Today, I know what it's like to live free from the chains and prison walls that once held me back.

There is nothing I don't feel like I can achieve or become that I desire.

I help show clients what's possible, to believe in more, and how to choose powerfully.


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