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You're here because you're ready to make a change but not sure what to do next. That's how we excel at helping! We want to gift you a 40-min Breakthrough Session. It's limited time for this season. Click the button, schedule a time and we'll email you the details. You'll be glad you did!

Meagan J.

"Working with Jake and Whitney has changed my life. I was such a critic of myself, which was really a selfish way to live because I was inner-focused. It also feels good to take care of my body. It doesn’t have power over me anymore. I’m proud that I started. And I’m thankful because I was looking for some quick fix; but the deeper, harder work is so worth it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent."


Brennan J

"There was constant mind chatter. I was scared to lose weight and still not like myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be the next diet that fixed me. I was very mean to myself. I wasn’t able to love the people I wanted as big as I could because I couldn’t love myself. I am proud that I did the work besides the weight loss. I lost weight, which is a great thing, but I’ve also learned to love myself. I’ve learned that I can dream big. I’ve learned that my thoughts aren’t always true and I’m not defined by them. I’ve experienced a level of freedom I never knew existed. And that’s freedom from the bondage of my mindset."


Shannon M.

"I started this completely lost, completely sad. Thinking I had a purpose in life but really I didn’t, I was floundering. Trusting the process was hard for me. Instead of trying to be the person that I think God thinks I want to be, I can now just be who God wants me to be. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. of mental weight. The freedom and the joy is amazing."


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