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I Love My Results

I am crying as I type this out because I didn't believe it would ever be possible to be in the place I am today - and I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude.  
I've lost 50 lbs., feel amazing and am continuing to have my own back by becoming the healthiest version of myself.  
I LOVE that I now know how to make choices out of love for myself instead of out of harshness & dissatisfaction. 
The tools I have learned from the most amazing coaches have impacted every area of my life.
-Owner and Co-Founder, Salado, TX

I'm More in My Full Potential

I started working with Jake and Whitney because of a hard breakup and it was honestly one of the most rewarding things I have done. 

Now, a year later I continue to work with them as my business coach.

I highly recommend working with them if you feel you are not living to your full potential. It's definitely worth it!

- CEO and Co-Founder, Denver, CO

Purpose of a Life Coach


I Have Peace I've Never Had Before

I joined this because I wanted to lose weight; I have - I've lost 40 pounds.

But the things I've gained are more valuable to me. I could have lost the weight and still hated myself and that scares me the most. 

Coaching has taught me that my circumstances don't define me. That I am in control of what I believe about myself. Whatever comes my way, it is my CHOICE on how I respond, and it won't just happen to me.

- Consultant, Salado, TX

I've Never Been This Happy and Confident

I am honored and so blessed to have worked with Jake and Whitney as my life coaches. I have a freedom, self-love, and true peace that I didn't think was possible.

I am pursuing bigger acting opportunities with confidence and finally living my dream life. 

- Pro Stage Actress, South Beach, CA

I'm 51 Experiencing JOY

The feeling of freedom and true joy is amazing! Plus I've lost almost 50lbs. Freaking awesome!

Everyone needs to go through coaching. I was skeptical, but the transformation is so impactful and empowering!

Most of us have no idea the control our thoughts have over our lives. 

- Administration, Temple, TX

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