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Real people. Real stories.


Jared C.


Learn How to Unlock The GOLD in You

Meagan J.

"Working with Jake and Whitney has changed my life. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent."


Is it weird with 2 Coaches??

We know it can be scary - but really that's just Whit. She is there to make sure that you get transformation from every call. Jake is there to keep you safe :)


You feel that inner tension of wanting more... but unsure.

That's when we say "yes" to ourselves.

I'm ready to take my first step!

Brennan J

"I’ve experienced a level of freedom I never knew existed. And that’s freedom from the bondage of my mindset."


It's a journey WORTH taking!

Yes, I'm ready to take my first step!

Shannon M.

"I can now just be who God wants me to be. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. of mental weight. The freedom and the joy is amazing."


Melanie Childers lost 60 lbs

Melanie used to master dieting and exercising in order to win body competitions. It was a challenge she exceeded. Then life threw her a curve ball with a major health issue that caused her hormones and body to go out of whack - gaining weight. Over the years she tried all the restrictive diets and exercise plans, but nothing worked. Melanie started to believe:

  • Losing weight is impossible. 
  • Nothing will ever work.
  • I’m so sick of finding myself in front of the fridge feeling like I don’t have any control.
  • I’m tired of arguing with myself over a chip. 

 After working with Steadfast Life, Melanie learned that successfully losing 60 lbs didn’t mean total restriction, a hyper-structure eating plan, or having to be in the gym all day, everyday. She gained confidence in knowing exactly what works for her body to either lose weight or maintain. “I took all my power back in the weight loss equation”

 The best part is, Melanie describes her new way of living as fun and totally doable. She knows exactly what her body needs with the right amount of joy sprinkled in it. Melanie is a rockstar, setting a path of what’s possible for others. Now she shows up free and powerful in her relationship with her body.


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