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It's Changed My Life

I feel better physically, I'm proud and I'm really thankful. The deeper work is worth it.


I'm 51 Experiencing Joy

The feeling of freedom and true joy is amazing! Plus, I've lost almost 50lbs. It's freaking awesome!


I Have a Freedom I Didn't Know Existed

Losing 40 lbs has been awesome but it's not the most valuable thing I've gained.



We work with highly self-driven people who are ready to reach a NEW level of their potential.


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I Live in More of My Full Potential

I started working with Jake and Whitney because of a hard breakup and it was honestly one of the most rewarding things I have done. 

Now, a year later I continue to work with them as my business coach.

I highly recommend working with them if you feel you are not living to your full potential. It's definitely worth it!

- CEO and Co-Founder, Denver, CO

I've Never Been This Happy and Confident

I am honored and so blessed to have worked with Jake and Whitney as my life coaches. I have a freedom, self-love, and true peace that I didn't think was possible.

I am pursuing bigger acting opportunities with confidence and finally living my dream life. 

- Pro Stage Actress, South Beach, CA

Our Guarantee to You

You will get amazing results.

When you sign-up for one of our programs we're so confident you'll gain life-changing results!

If you DON'T we'll give you 100% of your money back. You just have to show us evidence you did the work.


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