About Whitney Roehl

Whit has gone through her own transformations and is an example of their work; from losing 40 lbs. and establishing a healthy relationship with food, to building a six figure business that supports her dream life. She also stopped over-drinking and overcame the challenges of being in a blended family, as a step mom. 

Her transformations were only possible through renewing her mind FIRST.

Now she teaches others how to build the life they want using the same tools.

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About Jake Roehl

Jake incorporates the skills he learned from engineering school and 20 years of teaching high school math to make complicated concepts simple, so you can easily apply them.

He also brings in lessons he learned from playing a Division 1 sport and climbing 14,000 foot mountains, countless times.

His hunger for growth and adventure shows in his teaching style; it's contagious.

Jake makes the journey fun so committing is easier and more enjoyable!

Dynamic Duo

Your Coaches

As husband and wife, we coach together!
We bring different skill sets that make for a powerful-duo. Together, we make it fun but highly transformative.
We personalize our coaching style to each individual clients' needs and comfort level.
We use cognitive psychology-based tools and faith to help you sharpen your mind. We're passionate about seeing the lives of leaders be transformed.

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