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Whitney Roehl

This has been my journey: I battled with my weight for over ten years, failed miserably at starting a business three times, used to drink regularly to feel better, and felt hopeless with dating to finding a husband.

Each of these struggles became my journey to becoming a better version of myself.

The past four years I've successfully:

  • Lost 40 lbs and built a better relationship with food.
  • Attracted a God-fearing man who is my dream teammate and partner.
  • Built a 6-figure business from the ground.
  • Quit alcohol because I know how to feel better without it.
  • Navigated being a stepmom to a teenage girl (who I adore).

The life I live now isn't due to my circumstances changing. I learned how to become the "creator of my life" through taking thoughts captive and rewiring my mind.

If I can make that much change, so can you. You just need the right tools.

Much love, Whitney Roehl

Jake Roehl

Growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my days at the beach. I grew up playing and coaching sports, then getting outside for adventures as much as possible. 

My life was about maximizing potential, but I never realized it would be used for something as big as this.

As I embarked on this journey of personal growth with Whitney, I was exposed to a vocabulary that took the lessons I learned through sports and adventure and gave them a framework that inspired me to put my teaching expertise to work to help others to:

  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Make complicated concepts simple
  • Find their learning style to get results faster
  • Make the process fun so they stick to it

The skills I learned from 20 years of teaching high school math has become my contribution to the greatest adventure of my life ...so far

Now my mission is to use my love for adventure, sports, and teaching to offer others tools to become emotional warriors who are in charge of their life.

Have fun out there,

Become Steadfast

Both of us have practiced consistently facing our fears to overcome obstacles and learned to enjoy the process.


We can show you how.

So you can step into your full potential.


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