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How did you guys meet?

On an online dating app called OkCupid. Their first date was a hike in Austin and lunch on the lake after.

They were engaged within 3 months and married in 6. The saying is true, "when you know, you know".


What's it like to work with your spouse?

It can be challenging at times for two main reasons. We have to set work boundaries so our romantic life doesn't take too much of the backseat. The other reason is learning to work in your own strengths and trust the other person will do the same, so we don't overlap too much.

Overall, we LOVE it! It allows us to dream big together and build a life together adventuring after them.


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Do you coach together?

Yes. We both bring different skill sets that makes for a powerful-duo. Whitney is quick to spotting limiting beliefs and Jake is great at teaching concepts to apply easily.

Together, they make it fun but highly transformative.


Do you use scripture as tools?

Yes, and it's not required. Most of our clients are followers of Jesus and others are not. We welcome both.

We use cognitive psychology-based tools + our experiences from successful transformations.


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