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Whitney Roehl

If I told you my full story you may not believe how I got where I am, so 'll just start by saying, I've severely struggled in many areas of my life.

Not the kind of struggle, like having a rough season but the type of struggle that keeps you wondering if changing or overcoming will EVER be possible.

The kind of struggle that feels hopeless, like you've lost all your joy in life.

Some of these areas include:

  • Over drinking (at the time I didn't think I was).
  • Failing at starting a business 3 times (made me believe I wasn't capable of ever doing it).
  • Emotional eating (at times it felt completely out of control).
  • Negative self-talk (not feeling enough or confident).
  • Fear driving my life (constantly starting and quitting).
  • Disconnect in my relationships (searching for external things to make me feel better inside).

Thankfully, what I thought was impossible happened- I no longer suffer in these areas. YESSS!!!!

For me, my faith in Jesus has been my foundation to be courageous in pursuing these changes.

On top of that, I've learned how to take my thoughts captive. I've learned how to manage my mind (that once felt so scary) and live from a place of self-mastery.

Now, I live in VICTORY and on a mission to help others who WANT freedom, joy, and happiness.

If you've been struggling and can relate to my story, I encourage you to stop suffering and reach out. I'd love to hear your story.

With love,

Jake Roehl

Growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my days at the beach. I grew up playing and coaching sports, then getting outside for adventures as much as possible. 

My life was about maximizing potential, but I never realized it would be used for something as big as this.

As I embarked on this journey of personal growth with Whitney, I was exposed to a vocabulary that took the lessons I learned through sports and adventure and gave them a framework that inspired me to put my teaching expertise to work helping others make similar connections to improve their lives as well.

  • Fostering growth mindset
  • Making complicated concepts simple
  • Finding your learning style and using it give you results faster
  • Making the PROCESS fun 
  • And I'm basically a pro at analogies :)

The skills I learned from 20 years at the front of a high school classroom have become my contribution to the greatest adventure of my life ...so far

Now my mission in life is to use my love for adventure, sports, and teaching to offer people the tools to become emotional warriors who are in charge of their life - no matter what gets thrown their way!

Have fun out there,

Become Steadfast

Both of us have practiced consistently facing our fears to overcome obstacles and learned to enjoy the process.


We can show you how.

So you can step into your full potential.


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