Adventure Retreats

      with a side of BREAKTHROUGH

There are so many analogies about mountains, waves, paths, climbing ...etc that REALLY DO help you transfer the mental frameworks you desire from an idea to the way you think - but they are also an access point to your identity as an adventurer in BOTH the wild and your day to day.

Become the person who does it, become the person who has tasted the experience, and do it side by side with Whit and Jake to harness the adventure as a catalyst to instantaneous life transformation.

It is impossible to come back to your life as the same person you were before you rose to the challenge

July 16th - 21st: Climb a 14,000 Mountain in California

Team up with 5 experienced guides to live the analogy of climbing the mountains in your life.  You LITERALLY face challenges and experience unprecedented clarity on exactly how to exercise your authority over all the challenges in your life.  Taste life without limits.

November 17-22: Surf Retreat in Puerto Rico

Learn to surf from the top surf instructors in Puerto Rico and let Jake and Whit guide you to freedom from limitations surrounding your identity and fear.  Let your inner athlete FEAST on your surf training while your mind takes a vacation from the limits you have in place at home.  6 months of breakthrough in 6 days.

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