The Writers Journey & Reveling in Splendor

busyness christmas distractions dolphins freedom healing hurting ocean splendor waves writers journey Dec 19, 2023

Writing for a blog (even though it's my own) is harder than I anticipated. 

In the process to quiet my life, I'd gotten off all social media and limited my consumption of t.v. and podcasts. A nudge from God and cry for inner silence from the constant chatter and distractions. 

I became inspired to focus on one platform, a blog, instead of the normal four, so I assumed writing here would become effortless. Ha ha ha... Wrong!

"Why haven't I written more often?"
"I don't like my writing style anymore."
"I'm not giving people enough value."
"I' don't know what to write about."
"Oops, I was too vulnerable."

These are the endless chatters that still shouted at me whether I was currently writing or considering it. 

But here's what I came back to, to remind myself of...

I've chosen to take this journey, of writing a blog, to share my insight, perspective, and experiences without allowing my OLD human obsession with performance to validate this blog as a success or not. "You can enjoy writing, Whit."

This is a process I'm building a relationship with, not another sneaky way of seeking worthiness. "You are already fully loved, Whit."

So, I can practice sharing from authenticity and vulnerability with hope that the future is bright, and Truth that God is Good, even when we can't see it. 

My journey to write with imperfection, from that perspective, is the exact journey I'm on with this blog.

And in my process if you are inspired, emotionally stirred, or decide to never read my blog again - then I've succeeded at sharing a piece of me with you.

With that friendly reminder (mostly to and for myself), here's a fun snapshot of my current view from this morning.


The waves swell from miles away, then crash powerfully as they reach their boundary.

Dolphins joyfully jump to announce Gods extravagant beauty.

A flock of white birds soar low to join the child-like play.

People walk by, most engulfed in distractions and unaware of all creation shouting with awe.


Some are just busy, others are hurting, and many are empty searching for meaning.  

As we all wonder, is this really a magnificent morning?

I'm tempted to answer with a focus on my own distractions - a lack of sleep, another to-do list, and inner irritations of life not quite going my way.


Yet, a gift from a loving Father awaits me... will I receive it?

Seeing the choice at hand, I stop, go back to watching, and acknowledge "wow, the splendor of His Goodness."


Then in a flash of a moment, I'm gifted with inspiration, energy, and joy. 

Only if we could remember this more often. The power of thanks-GIVING. 

Gifts all around us, waiting to be acknowledged and enjoyed by a Good and Loving Father. 


Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for your incredible creation that surrounds us in power, beauty, and grandness. Thank you that you constantly long to reveal Yourself to us. I ask you purify and soften my heart from any hardness, bitterness, busyness, and sin that prevents me from being in total awe of You. Teach me to make slowing down and thanking You always, a way of being, instead of a once in a while event. In Your Powerful Name, Amen.  

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