5 Reasons to NOT Hire a Life Coach

Aug 23, 2022

  1. Your desire for the breakthrough is less than your desire for another purchase
  2. You can make the change on your own
  3. You already provide more accountability to yourself than you care to have
  4. You know that someone else’s path to success is not the same as yours
  5. You are not looking to inflate yourself - you are looking glorify Jesus with your life

I’m sure you have a lot of thoughts about life coaching - so do I.  I’ve worked with about 15 different coaches in different capacities …personal, marriage, business, group settings, individual settings, and sometimes just Whit, a coach, and me.

We have purchased lifetime coaching for $57 and we have paid $20k for a 4 month coaching program.  We’ve been in programs with a specific goal and programs designed at simply upleveling our mindset.

There are some legitimate reasons that life coaching would be a waste of your time, money, and energy.

…and there are reasons that the amount of time, money and energy you are wasting because you don’t have a coach is what is REALLY draining your reserves of all 3.

Just do me this favor - if you’ve never been coached, embrace the possibility that someone who has been coached as much as I have might have a nugget of information you’ll find valuable.

Sometimes God delivers the breakthrough you’re craving in the snap of a finger …and sometimes you’re going to have to “go through it” if you want the breakthrough.  I don’t know how He decides, but I know this.  Whit and I have a specific calling on our life to team up with Believers who are in their own “go through it” breakthrough and lend our expertise to make sure they don’t stop “going through it” before they reach the peace God has waiting for them on the other side

Ready to turn passive consumption into massive action?  Well a jump like that is easier with teammates and a coach.  Jake and Whit are the Number One Life Coaching Couple in Texas and they've assembled a team ready walk arm in arm with you toward your big life!!

No ordinary life coaches.

No ordinary life.

Let's Team UP

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