Episode #26: An Example of Resilience. FitBar's Interview with Kathryn Sandford

 Have you ever wondered, "how come other people don't have to go through this?"  Like an event that shatters you or that you have a really tough time shaking off?  Do you have seasons where you feel stuck in a funk?

 You find yourself wondering, "what do I do now?"

We had the privelege of reading a series of blogs written by a very resilent woman. She shared her experience of overcoming the life event when her father passed away unexpectidly and the very next day her mom died too. Within two days both her parents were gone.

This resilient woman, Kathryn Sanford, is someone who can give you hope when you feel overwhelmed by difficulties or struggle. Her empathy for others who go through similar life events is astounding, and even more impressive is how well she explains how she was able to "just keep moving forward".

In this podcast, you get to hear Jake and Whitney ask powerful questions that help uncover the golden nuggets Kathryn was able to learn from going through this process.

She breaks down her process into tiny steps ...at one point literally how to keep taking steps from the bed to the door.  Then how she found the courage to get from the door to the end of the block ...and ultimately running again.

We are confident you will enjoy listening to Kathryn's story, her warmth, wisdom, and captivating accent. :) 


Author of "10 Strategies Resilient People use to Bounce Back when Life Knocks them Down" Kathryn Sandford shares her insights into life, relationships, tragedy, joy, the power of choice, and how to keep moving forward when you feel paralyzed by grief. 

Opportunities to connect with people like Kathryn is one of the BEST parts of this job - I can't wait for you to meet her.

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