Fostering Emotional Resilience in the Classroom

Mar 15, 2022

We are in some unprecedented times in education - like teaching 7th graders who haven’t had a full year in a classroom since the 4th grade!!  And teachers asked to become IT experts and teach students they’ve never seen in person.

So what if we accepted this reality instead of trying to “should” it back to something it is not?  What if the innovating and creating to succeed in this situation actually applied to THIS situation instead of the situation we wish it was?  What if this could be JUST the adversity needed to create the most resilient generation of 40 year olds when they are taking the reigns of this country?  What part would you like to play in that?

Some of the topics we covered in this ONE HOUR zoom session:

1.What do I do when parents try to blame the teacher for their child not

2.What to say to a student who complains that they “studied” for hours for the test and still did poorly

3.What to say to a student who asks for extra credit to help their grade but doesn’t even do the regular credit

4.How do I help students who don’t seem to care, even if their parents are providing a supportive environment and they don’t fully understand the consequences of their actions

5.How do I deal with students who are distracted using cellphones in class

6.How do I incorporate growth mindset into classroom policies and procedures (but that doesn’t involve letting kids retake every test, etc.)

7.How do I help kids take more ownership of their education

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