I have Jesus - Why would I need a Life Coach?

Sep 06, 2022

Of course - Jesus is the answer, I want to find my joy in Jesus, I want to put my worth in Jesus, Jesus is trustworthy therefore I never need to worry, and I am righteous because of Him.  Soooooo I guess I don’t need a coach …but I do

The main reason - because God chose to limit His authority when it comes to my mind.

As Joyce Meyers puts it - 

“You are the only one that can deal with your thoughts.  It’s not something that another person can do for you. You are the only one that can do anything about your thoughts. There’s not a person alive that doesn’t have to choose to not think something and they think something else. Every single day”

There are a lot of coaches who can teach you how to take your thoughts captive. There are SOME who will then help you make them obedient to christ.

There are a lot of coaches who can help you to be intentional about where you find you worth, value, and identity. There are SOME who will help you make sure that identity is a child of the living God.

There are a lot of coaches who embrace a specific lifestyle.  There are some who invite you to join them.

If you’re ready to join Whit and I for a lifestyle of amazing ADVENTURE, BOLDLY following Christ, recklessly BELIEVING that your Heavenly Father wants to partner with you to pursue the MASSIVE dreams He has put in your heart - then we’re excited to meet you nd grateful to have you on the team.  Let’s be “Teammates in Christ”

Start here: https://www.steadfastlifecoaching.com/

Sometimes God delivers the breakthrough you’re craving in the snap of a finger …and sometimes you’re going to have to “go through it” if you want the breakthrough.  I don’t know how He decides, but I know this.  Whit and I have a specific calling on our life to team up with Believers who are in their own “go through it” breakthrough and lend our expertise to make sure they don’t stop “going through it” before they reach the peace God has waiting for them on the other side

Steadfast Life's mission is to empower people to build a life that lasts on a solid foundation of faith, purpose, and adventure, so you can thrive, not just survive, through life's challenges.

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