Masks, Vaccines, COVID, and the People you Love

Oct 19, 2021

What do you do when the people you love have the opposite view as you on the day’s hot button issue?  What if it’s your coworker that you see everyday ...or your parents, your kids, or your spouse?

How do you stay in the conversation when the conversation feels shut down right from the start?

All you want is to feel heard, respected, valued - is this the end of your friendship?  Your family?  Your marriage?  Is this the hill you want to die on?

Learn how this can be EXACTLY what you need to bulletproof your relationships and uplevel your skill at LOVING PEOPLE.

“If your brother or sister is distressed because of what you eat, you are no longer acting in love.  Do no, by your eating, destroy someone for whom Christ died.” 

Romans 14:15


Ready to turn passive consumption into massive action?  Well a jump like that is easier with teammates and a coach.  Jake and Whit are the Number One Life Coaching Couple in Texas and they've assembled a team ready walk arm in arm with you toward your big life!!

No ordinary life coaches.

No ordinary life.

Let's Team UP

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