Episode #65 Practicing New Beliefs Part 2

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019


One morning of The Six Man – our team was a little flat.  We knew it – shoot, most of us were coaches!!  We could feel it and knew that if we couldn’t turn the tide – if we couldn’t shift the momentum, then we’d lose, but didn’t have a great idea how to fix it.  This is where we get a false message from WATCHING sports in my opinion.  How often have you heard the announcer say, “Somebody has to step up and make a play.”  Basically saying, “Someone on the team needs to take responsibility to change a circumstance to cause a better feeling for the team.”  But we know better …circumstances don’t cause feelings, thoughts do!  What if you didn’t need to wait for a “big play” – what if you could simply start thinking the thoughts NOW – and generate the feelings of confidence, empowerment, and resolve to overcome NOW?


Well on this particular morning, a hilarious individual (a guy who flies out from Germany just for the tournament by the way) - Doug Hughes starts jumping around, clapping his hands and screaming, “CLAP FOR NO REASON, CLAP FOR NO REASON!!”  We all started to join in the jumping, the clapping, and the screaming as “Clap for no Reason” became our team battle cry for the remainder of the tournament.

Doug – if you’re listening, maybe YOU should consider doing some life coaching, because that was genius.  In one short phrase, he destroyed the belief - that belief - had to be earned or deserved and he answered anyone who disagreed by owning his stance on the issue.

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