Safety Second - Is your love affair with safety holding you back

Feb 08, 2022

When you set out on an adventure, people love to say, “Be safe out there.” …and I totally get what they mean, but the TRUTH is that being safe is NOT why we got there.

In school we’d always hear adults sayin, “Safety first.” - but I believe that is why so many people have a hard time making the big change that will lead to their new identity, making the big investment that will lead to financial freedom, or taking the risk that will build their resiliency.

So what if you tried something new - what if everytime you heard yourself whisper “safety first” you whispered back “no - safety second.”  It’s just a little reminder that you don’t REALLY want safety to be your top priority.


In this video I was inspired (basically to tears) by:

Havilah Cunnington:

Ausitn Fischer:

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