Super Hero Syndrome - The day life taught me that I am NOT superman

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2021

I've wanted to be the hero since I can remember.  My first concussion came from jumping off of a boulder onto my dad without him knowing because I had seen the hero do it on TV.

Unfortunately that incident was not enough to teach me the danger of the love affair with swooping to the rescue.  When I became a father, in my mind it was hero or failure.  I set out to be my daughter's hero ...and full transparency, it was more like her invincible, bulletproof, unstoppable SUPER hero.

It was WAY too much pressure because it turns out I am, in fact, mortal.  I truth that punched my right in the face when I had to sit down and tell her that the security I had assured her would last forever was actually a security too heavy for me to carry and that it was all about to come crashing down ..and she was going to get hurt.  I couldn't protect her this time.  Even worse, I was the one that was about to hurt her.

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