The Enneagram and your Christian Faith

May 10, 2022

I had a great conversation with Enneagram coach Kelsey Taylor where we dove into some layers that lie underneath “The Number”  . We talked about skepticism, application, her personal testimony, and how Christians sometimes look on self help tools like this one with suspicion.

Kelsey patiently walked me through my questions she does :)  …and now YOU get to benefit from her expertise.

Take Aways:

  1. The same tools and skills that are promoted through in depth study of yourself through the lens of your enneagram number are present in The Gospel
  2. Your enneagram number does not predict what you will do …you have full authority over that.  The enneagram gives you the scouting report on your specific formula for motivation
  3. When you learn what you focus on, you will become aware of what you tend to miss.  

This workshop is for;

  • Christians who are looking to move past an obstacle in their business, family, or health
  • Christians who have revenue or sales goals, who are pursuing a vision for their marriage or dating relationship, or who have

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