The Unshakeable Power of Acceptance

Jan 25, 2022

We all believe that holding our standards and demanding people rise to meet them is a powerful stance - but it is NOT!!

The most powerful person in the room is the person who does not need anyone in the room to do or be any particular thing in order for them to be okay.

The person who has the self awareness to know what it is they are hoping to get when the world changes to meet their expectations, then builds the skill of offering it to themselves …so THEY hold the power instead of the world.

Want to learn how to become aware of the places you are giving your power away?  Want it back?

Ready to turn passive consumption into massive action?  Well a jump like that is easier with teammates and a coach.  Jake and Whit are the Number One Life Coaching Couple in Texas and they've assembled a team ready walk arm in arm with you toward your big life!!

No ordinary life coaches.

No ordinary life.

Let's Team UP

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