Trash Talk

Sep 13, 2022

The purpose of trash talk is to decrease the effectiveness of a player who is clearly effective.  Your opponent is attempting to decrease your performance.

Once you understand the  purpose, then you have the knowledge to avoid many of the traps of your own trash talk.

We often trick ourselves by wondering if there is any value in our self criticism.  The old tough love or “iron sharpens iron” defense.  But when you understand trash talk in competition, you understand that it only has ONE PURPOSE …to decrease performance.

When dealing with opposing fans - NEVER TRY TO CHANGE THEIR TUNE!!  It can’t be done, they have an agenda.  To get you to shut down!  The opposing fans are not offering you a balanced assessment of your strengths and growth areas.  They are trying to get you to stop attempting to be great in hopes that you won’t be.

God wants big things for you - the enemy wants to decrease your effectiveness.  Believe God!

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