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Jun 14, 2022

We run into Christians who have some questions that usually fit in 1 of 2 basic categories:

  1. I have Jesus, why would I need coaching, plus, isn’t it kind of idolatrous to be thinking I can “self-help”
  2. Are you just going to tell me to pray about it and that it’s all part of God’s plan?  I know that’s true, but it is not going to help me right now.

 We just decided to address them both head on.  SPOILER ALERT: The short answer to both is “NO”

Additionally - the next place this conversation tends to go is, “Jake, where do you and Whit fit into all of this?  What do you even do?”

We figured we’d answer that too!  SPOILER ALERT: We teach you Self-Trust …you learn to Trust U

Ready to turn passive consumption into massive action?  Well a jump like that is easier with teammates and a coach.  Jake and Whit are the Number One Life Coaching Couple in Texas and they've assembled a team ready walk arm in arm with you toward your big life!!

No ordinary life coaches.

No ordinary life.

Let's Team UP

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