Friendship with Food


Master 2 lbs at a time.

We guide you to figure out your own formula.


You want to be empowered in your ability to lose weight.

You want the process of losing 40 lbs to be easier.

You want keeping the weight off to be sustainable.

You want to stop struggling to "stay on track."


But instead this is your experience...

👩 You've gone through a stressful season of life (COVID, job loss, having a baby, knee surgery, etc), gained weight and feel frustrated because "you know better."

👩 You've gone back to your old way - eating and drinking poorly, attempt to start a diet, only to rebel and go off track again.

👩 You successfully lost weight but sustaining it feels hard and gain the weight back.

👩 You feel hopeless about getting to your goal weight and staying there!

👩 You think you "lost your ability to lose weight" and feel down on yourself.

👩 You spotted a NEW diet to try but dread it because you don't want the disappointment of failure.

This is ME


You're 100% capable of losing weight and keeping it off in a way that feels good

You just haven't learned the skills that change your relationship with food, the scale, and weight fluctuations.

It's NOT YOUR FAULT that weight loss and maintenance has been a struggle.

Society says it's all solved by the NEWEST diet program!

But that's not sustainable and doesn't teach you a new way of living - with confidence and freedom.

What People Are Saying


Melanie C.

"I've lost 60 lbs and kept it off without ever restricting myself. I had no idea weight loss didn't require working out 7x a week and being on a strict diet."

Lauren S.

"I lost 30 lbs and I'm so blown away - I'm not struggling to stay on track and feel like it's actually possible now to stay at my goal weight."

Lindsey R.

"I can't believe it! I lost 98 lbs by learning to laugh at my cravings and making errors. I didn't know it was possible!"

Shanna N.

"I'm so grateful for tools I can turn to for help so I'm not constantly white knuckling and feeling restricted to maintain. And I learned the importance of self-care."

How are we different from the million other weight loss programs?


  • 4 out of 5 clients report that maintaining the weight loss is EASY.

  • 8 out of 10 people keep the 30-60 lbs they lost OFF.
  • This is not a quick fix but a lifestyle CHANGE.

  • We guide you to figure out your own formula, so losing and maintaining becomes EFFORTLESS.


You Will Crave Your Healthy Lifestyle


Anyone can lose 40 pounds but keeping it off in an enjoyable way that you LOVE is the goal.

We help you learn how to balance your nervous system to lower cortisol from high-stress that cause cravings. We teach you how to detox from urges and obligations that make you feel out of control.  We show you how to master food as a source that gives you energy, not as a dependency for pleasure or stress-relief.

You will build your self-confidence, be empowered, and experience inner freedom from this 6-month program. That's how weight loss becomes easy- when you feel great about YOU!

It's a lifestyle change that will allow you to maintain your health, no matter what season of life you go through.  You want to feel like it's second nature, to eat well without depriving yourself, manage stress, and maintain your optimal health.

This may feel IMPOSSIBLE right now, but I'm here to tell you it's 100% achievable and maintainable.

We've witnessed people lose 30 lbs to 100 lbs BUT better than that - live in FREEDOM!

When you join us with this program, you'll learn how to...

  • Gain power over food and your cravings.
  • Manage your tough emotions and stress without turning to food/alcohol .
  • Make consistent eating decisions you and your body loves.
  • Create more JOY in your life outside of food/alcohol.
  • Live in freedom from guilt and shame of "poor" eating choices.

Friendship with Food Mastermind

We start on January 5, 2022! Let's unleash 2022 with the BEST YOU!

** Sign up before December 1st, 2021 and receive a discount and BONUS ($1,499 value).**

PAY IN FULL: $4500 (save $498)
Payment Plan: $833 for 6 months

Hello, I'm Whit!

Four years ago I lost 40 lbs, but had lots of fears. I feared I'd have to "diet" for the rest of my life. I feared having to exercise 6 times every week just to maintain. I feared I'd have to be obsessive about my health and maybe go off the "deep end" (#HealthNut).

But none of my fears came true because I learned a sustainable approach that includes mind, body, and spirit. A 3-pronge approach we teach that keeps us balanced, not just "skinny".

Now, I no longer fear gaining weight because I'm 100% confident in losing it with ease - like after pregnancy or a vacation.

I eat dessert with ZERO shame. I know exactly what foods in my body make me feel energized. I LOVE finding cute clothes to wear and putting them on. I climb 14,000 foot mountains because I live a healthy lifestyle I crave.


I spent 14 looong years trying to lose weight with ALL the different diet and exercise foods - none were sustainable. Plus, I had constant mind-chatter about what I "can" or "can't" have. I'd go right back in the Restrict-Binge-Guilt cycle.

We teach you a new way, that's enjoyable, sustainable, and doesn't include a boxed way of eating or living.

You learn to live life in total freedom and confidence without health being an obstacle you battle with.


Join students who have their desired outcome

Take a look at what they're saying after working with us...

Lost 60 lbs & Kept it Off

When life threw Melanie a curve ball with a major health issue that caused her hormones to go out of whack, she gained 30 lbs of unwanted weight.  She tried all the diets and exercise plans, but nothing worked.

After working with Steadfast Life, Melanie successfully lost 60 lbs without a hyper-structure eating plan or in the gym everyday.

She gained confidence in knowing exactly what works for her body. “I took all my power back.”

The best part is, Melanie describes her new way of living as fun and totally doable. - Melanie C.

More Testimonies

The group accountability - seeing others lose, gain, and stay the same. It’s encouraging to shift that perspective that it’s ok, so I can have more faith in myself.” -Jennifer A.


"I’ve learned more about myself and how I want to approach life, not just the weight loss things. So weight loss is no longer just a separate part of life but integrates with the rest of my life which makes my health feel more manageable.” -Chelsie B.


"Originally, I wanted to lose the last bite of weight I have left but now it’s because I learned how to not freak out when the scale fluctuates and no longer fearing gaining all the weight I’ve lost.” -Lindsey R.

Read more testimonies here...

In 6 months, you'll walk away with...

  • A 7-day RESET that jump-starts your health! Melt those pounds and feel energized.
  • An eating plan you enjoy and crave to follow.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin - mentally and physically.
  • Freed up mental real-estate to focus on things you WANT to think about.
  • How to stay empowered, so you make choices from ease on purpose.
  • Tools to effectively manage daily stress so your cravings aren't out of control. 
  • The skill of embracing errors and feel successful to stay on course. 
  • A renewed way of seeing yourself that aligns with the healthy version and ditching the old limiting self-concepts.
  • Overcoming scale drama - so it no longer dominates YOU.
  • You showing up as your biggest fan with an inner dialogue that's encouraging and helpful. 

Why master 2 Pounds at a time?

You are created for the optimal health you envy in other. Why? 

Because your health MATTERS! Your health is your WEALTH.

Breaking this process down to bite-size pieces, like we do, allows you to gain MASTERY over food, stressors, and your weight.

It's all about PROCESS over results. This approach will give you confidence no matter what happens in life!

You'll know exactly what to do -whether it's needing to lose a few pounds or maintain at your favorite place.

Your relationship with food will become so neutral that cravings are no longer a problem and eating decisions are no longer exhausting.

PAY IN FULL: $4500 (save $498)
Payment Plan: $833 for 6 months

With Our Simple 3-Step Process

Guilt-Free Mindset

We will have 18 powerful sessions together where we coach, share victories, and overcome obstacles that we learn from.

End the food shame and maintain a Guilt-Free Mindset

Steadfast Method

Master the Steadfast method so you can stop fearing your weight fluctuating and the scale.

We'll have accountability from coaches and teammates. We rise together to build stronger momentum.

Breakthrough Cycle

Live from the Breakthrough Cycle as a way of life that feels easy and second nature.

This will help you master losing 2 lbs per week in any season you need it.

Friendship with Food Mastermind

We start on January 5, 2022! Let's unleash 2022 with the BEST YOU!

** Sign up before December 1st, 2021 and receive a discount and BONUS ($1,499 value).**

PAY IN FULL: $4500 (save $498)
Payment Plan: $833 for 6 months

Wondering what's included?

Live Coaching Calls

18 calls, 3 calls per month

Course Portal

Weight Loss Series


Eating Plan, Evaluation Form, Fuel Sheet, Intermittent Fasting Sheet, Food Protocol

Voxer Community Group

 We create that accountability within our group.

Master 2 pounds is much more than just the weight - it's mental freedom and empowerment!

Say "yes" because you're worth it. Recommit to believing in yourself.

The NEW overflow will positively impact other areas of your life in incredible ways.


You May Be Wondering...

Friendship with Food Mastermind

We start on January 5, 2022! Let's unleash 2022 with the BEST YOU!

** Sign up before December 1st, 2021 and receive a discount and BONUS ($1,499 value).**

PAY IN FULL: $4500 (save $498)
Payment Plan: $833 for 6 months