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Increase Confidence

Leave behind that constant pressure and second-guessing, so you can enjoy your life outside of work.

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Live Your Purpose

Nail down what you’re truly passionate about, so you can wake up with enthusiasm and zeal for life.

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Rediscover Joy

You want to get in touch with the value of enjoying the journey, so you can enjoy the fruit of all your hard work.

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You're an Athlete

You love to compete. Good or bad you'd rather be "in the arena" than watching from the stands.

Imagine, you create a natural and clean motivation, that’s long-lasting, so you can show up the way you want in each arena. 

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You're a Dreamer

You have bigger dreams, you want more in life - right?

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Imagine, you genuinely enjoy the journey that you’re currently on, leaving the pressure to perform behind, and walking in more of a natural confidence that positively impacts other areas.

Hi, my name is Jake!

I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you were referred or randomly came to my page, I know it’s not by accident.

Let me tell you a bit about me, then I want to know more about you. If we’re a great fit to coach together, then I’ll tell you exactly how we can connect. 


I went to college and barely got an engineering degree.

It was some of the hardest years, the workload and studying I had to do was insane.

Then to graduate and discover I didn’t want to be stuck in an office or the lifestyle of an engineer I decided to teach high school math.

It was having the summers off and making a difference in students' lives that drew me to this. 


Fast forward, to six years ago, I met my wife. That’s when I decided to take my teaching expertise, for 20-plus years, into self-help work.  I took the leap with her to open this coaching business, Steadfast. And here I am. 


I bring my passion for sports and a bit of my nerdiness to help you with strategy, perspective, and growing your belief. 

Now, let me guess a few things about you?

Here are a few, yet fun, facts:

  • I got cut from my college team two years in a row, as a walk-on, then was named team captain as a 5th year senior

  • I weighed 95lbs til my senior year - always the smallest kid on my sports teams and friends.

  • I love to climb 14ers with people I love. I climbed Mt. Rainer with my dad, Mt. Whitney with my wife, and Lone Pine Peak with my daughter.

  • I drink my coffee cold every morning with Fair Life chocolate milk. 

  • I started catching snakes 14 years ago to overcome my fear of them. Now I do it as a way to have fun and post them regularly on social media. 

I'm ready!

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