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Maximize Your Morning Routine

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"Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You, Lord"

- Psalm 143:8

The way you start your day sets the pace for how you experience it.

Creating a morning routine that fuels you with productivity,  peace, and empowerment sets you up for success!

Everyone knows this is one of the big “secrets” to living well, yet so many people struggle to stay consistent with it. This will help you have your own back on something you want but haven’t successfully pulled off yet. 


First, to ease your mind, here's a common misconception: having a morning routine means waking up early. WRONG!

Each persons schedule and lifestyle preference is different. Plus, we live in seasons, just like the seasons in a year, things change.


Having a morning routine you LOVE requires you take both your lifestyle and seasons into consideration. Whether you start your morning routine at 4:30 am or 10:30 am isn’t as valuable as completing your routine. 

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Over the past three years I’ve worked on perfecting my morning routine...

so it gives me a great balance of feeling mentally, physically and spiritually ready for the day. 

There are a 1,000 ways you can do your morning routine but finding the way that serves you the best is the BIG challenge. This is why so many people give up on finding a morning routine they love, it can be frustrating and getting more sleep seems like the better option. 


Before sharing how to find a morning routine you love and serves you the best, I want to share what I’ve gained from having one. When you understand how it can transform the way you experience your day-to-day life, overcoming obstacles will be easier because you have a stronger why. 


I used to go to bed at different times depending on what I wanted to do that night. I loved staying up late, being social or even getting lost in a book. Which made waking up consistently very challenging. Most mornings I’d wake up feeling “blah” thinking, “I just need more sleep” but it didn’t matter how much sleep I got, it was recurring


Other mornings, I’d wake up feeling refreshed and motivated. I loved the way my entire day felt! I discovered, those mornings were when I’d wake up early enough to do self-care things before rushing out the door. Unfortunately, it was very inconsistent, even though I tried waking up regularly. It felt super challenging. 


My desire to feel energized and motivated more often grew stronger, so I committed to figuring out how to master my mornings. Slowly but surely I got better at waking up and getting out of bed right when my alarm went off. I felt encouraged, “I can do this”. The consistency of waking up regularly became a new habit.

Within just a few months, even though I experimented with different things during that time, I noticed a greater sense of confidence, peace, and inspiration in my attitude. 


It felt good to go to bed regularly to prioritize my morning routine. I went from being a “night owl” to someone who loved the mornings. I became someone who woke up to her alarm even when she didn’t feel like it. This part may sound crazy, but it’s true, I even went to bed feeling excited for the morning because I loved my time

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My husband, Jake, used to be someone who set his alarm 30 minutes before leaving for work- doing just the bare essentials: taking a quick shower, getting dressed, brushing teeth and out the door.

Now he gets up every day at 5am to do his morning routine that takes him two hours and he absolutely loves it! 

Here’s what’s possible… when you make a habit of prioritizing mental, physical, and spiritual growth on a daily basis: there’s nothing you can’t do or become.

The most successful people, who seem to juggle so much and keep a confident peace, wake up with purpose, in the quiet hours, before the distractions start. If you want to experience more peace and fulfillment in your life, it’s going to require you to sacrifice some things.

It doesn’t have to be hours, it can even be 30 minutes. It’s time that’s non-negotiable, for you to fill your own cup, grow, and live intentionally. 

Hopefully, if you weren’t totally convinced on the benefits of a morning routine you are more excited about becoming someone who wakes up excited for prioritized time for you.

If you’re someone who already gets up regularly for a routine but wants to enhance it, then we’ve got something for you too. 

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