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Friendship with Food - Full Payment

Master 2 pounds per week.

What you will learn in lose 30lbs in 6 months Mastermind:

  • How to create an eating plan you enjoy and want to follow.
  • How to become empowered, so you make choices on purpose.
  • To schedule “relief” tasks into your daily schedule that become part of who you are. 
  • How to embrace errors and teach you how to still win. 
  • To allow your inner toddler tantrums, so you stay committed with enjoyment. 
  • How to change your relationship with cravings and feelings of urgency, so you don’t hate your process.
  • Not resisting or pushing temptation away so you aren't denying yourself from pleasure.
  • Overcome scale drama - it will no longer dominate YOU.
  • How to become your biggest fan with an inner dialogue that's encouraging and helpful.