Not sure if this is for you?  Take it from someone who has been there...


Summit. Connect. Grow.


There will always be another mountain to climb - It's time to believe you're a mountain climber.


We all have mountains in our life - these massive obstacles that look impossible to climb. It turns out, the secret to climbing them is acquiring the belief that you can.

We want to offer your that belief in a jaw-dropping experience guaranteed to change the way you see yourself.

Our experienced backpacking team supplies everything you need ...the gear, the knowledge, the skills, and the belief.  All you have to do is show up and be willing.

There is no way to go on a journey like this and come back the same - your life is about to change.



Jake & Whitney will guide through this 6 day mindset shift that combines mindset coaching with opportunities to do the things you never thought you could do.

Months of growth in just days - the mountains are calling!


You will enter a perfect storm to connect with yourself and the people who are courageously growing next to you. 

Knowing who you are is the foundation of your ability to take action in your life.  Give yourself the gift of some quality time with you


When you see this mountain, you will think that standing on top is only for other people ...then you will stand on top of it and everything will change.

You will KNOW that you can do hard things


Don't wait to get on our list to reserve your spot if you're interested.



Steadfast with Jake and Whit

Life coaching with an adventure twist.


Athletes don't train IN the game, they train OUTSIDE of the game- that's what wet offers you during our adventure retreats.

Instead of battling the demons of your past, learn how to battle them period. And instead of searching for your courage in the pain of your life-long story, find your courage making an amazing memory.

We guide you to harness the power of adventure, so you can practice the mental skills that will FREE you from living at the whim of whatever life throws at you next.

Jake and Whitney will take you through a life changing 6-day coaching program where you will learn to be free from the limitations you put on yourself.

You'll also be surfing in warm waves, hiking to tropical waterfalls, eating amazing food, praticing yoga, and relaxing by the infinity pool.

Travel to Sunny California

Here's What You'll Experience

You'll spend 4 nights in the breathtaking Easter Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Chicken Springs Lake, the illusive Upper Soldier Lake, and the rarely visited Sky Blue Lake.  This is a once in a lifetime back country experience.


What's Included?

  • Guided 6 day mindset retreat to build your belief in what is possible in your life
  • Guided outdoor rock climbing & team building experience in the famous Alabama Hills
  • Guided 5 day backpacking retreat including the summit of Mt Langley at 14,026 feet
  • All the group gear for your trip (tents, sleeping bag, backpack ...etc)
  • Every meal you eat (7/27 at 8am to 7/31 at 8pm)t
  • Transportation and accommodations (7/27 at 8am to 7/31 at 8pm)
  • Incredible photos of your journey
  • 6 days with Jake & Whit and a new swagger in your life


By going on this trip you'll be able to unplug, push yourself, and grow.

It will be an adventure you won't forget.


If you're interested in joining, then click below.

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