Stop letting life's uncontrollable circumstances determine your experience.


Steadfast 101:

Gain Unshakable Confidence

in the Face of Uncertainty

We will teach you:

  • How anxiety, fear, and hopelessness can be avoided no matter what you’re facing.

  • What living with unshakable confidence, in all seasons, looks like on a practical level.

  • How to identify what’s in your control so you can focus on possibilities with God.

  • How to feel certain in the midst of the unknown.

  • Simplify your strategy for peace, so you can focus on your purposes with joy.


The Problem We All Face

Do you feel overwhelmed with fear, worry or doubt about your future from living in a fast-paced, world of uncertainty?

To add on to that, challenging events pile on: a death of a loved one, divorce, or job loss that shakes you from all your peace.

You do your best to influence circumstances and stay hopeful, but it’s physically and emotionally exhausting.

At the end of the day, you're living from survival mode- no longer thriving with confidence.

Here's the Great News:

God didn’t design for you to live with wavering peace way. He calls you to live joyful in all circumstances.

✔You can learn skills and beliefs that give you steadfast confidence in the face of unpredictability of life.

✔We’ve learned how to go through life with God in a way that keeps us present, peaceful, and hopeful for the future, you can too.

✔Your brain needs to be trained to stand firm, stable, and hopeful when you can't see the how.

Learn to have unshakable confidence in the face of uncertainty, so you can control the only controllable - YOU.


Meet your Life Coaches


As husband and wife who coach together!
Whit is the head coach, while Jake does an outstanding job as assistant coach. Yes, you get a coaching staff!
Jake uses his 20 years of teaching experience to make complex ideas simple.
They use cognitive psychology-based tools and Christian values to help you breakthrough to NEW levels.
Jake and Whit are on mission to see the lives of leaders be transformed and become BOLD world-changers.

One thing we are confident in - God will show up for you during this workshop because you chose to show up. He will personalize it to what you need, because we choose to be led by Him in our workshops not our own knowledge or experience.