Steadfast Life Mastermind

The impossible becomes possible when you don't waiver in the small things.


Hey, we're Jake & Whit!

We're Christian Life Coaches and we want to remind you that you are fully loved and already amazing!


So what’s next?

Well, we bet, you're here because you have big DESIRES for relationships, business, adventures, or travel, and impact in your community.

Great news, those desires are already part of God’s plan for you!

And you have everything you need to achieve them. 

Let us guess, you feel a bit stuck or like it's taking longer than you want though (or something along those lines).

We understand... and it's NOT your fault!


You have big desires and you wanted them done yesterday.

We used to be right where you are- feeling stuck and moving too slow.

You might be thinking:

  • "I should be further than I am" (Even though we both know you're a Type A person who's very successful at the things you do).
  • "There's not enough time in the day to get done all the things" (If we're to get honest, you're already more productive than most).
  • "I have so many balls up in the air, I can't let one drop" (you secretly like that you can juggle so much tho).
  • "When I reach my goal, then I'll be able to enjoy my life more" (you're willing to hustle and sacrifice a lot now, to gain later).

If you can relate to one or more of the thoughts above, then you're in the perfect place!

We were in your exact shoes a few years ago!

The good news is adding MORE pressure or having a better performance is NOT the missing link.

This is where we help you to move forward WITHOUT THE PRESSURE, so you can actually operate at your max potential.

It turns out you’re pretty darn good at the personal growth thing.

You’re grateful for your blessings, loving the fruit you can create, have moments of working in that gorgeous FLOW state, and you just don’t want to limit your potential.

We’re right with you!

  • You love the revelations and breakthroughs.
  • You love your morning routine – or are getting there.
  • You love the pursuit of mastery in your craft and mind.
  • You’re on the edge of God's purpose and you KNOW it.

We see you, and we like what we see!!!
Now, link virtual arms with coaches who have done the hard stuff WITH A SMILE. Who look at the challenges ahead with a confident smirk that says BRING IT.

Remember that YOU are the one has been given this vision and YOU are the one that God entrusted with its execution

Now add small group of people who get you and accept you, pursuing THEIR purpose in parallel with you and by your side.

You add them not because you have to - Just because you have more fun in community!

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Not sure if this is for you?

Send us an email. We'd love to answer any questions you may have.  [email protected]

Joining right now is NOT something you’re doing out of fear… 


There’s a voice inside of you that's whispering, “You’re ready.”

We know you - You're already amazing! 

We’re simply here to highlight the GOLD inside of you, that the lies in your mind try to hide.


You’re a definite "NO" or a definite "GO". You either want access to Jake, Whit, and this team or you don’t. 

It’s totally your call …and God’s purpose is NOT riding on this choice.

That said, I’ll still give you a few bullets just for fun…

  • Are you tired of talking with your friends about your next ambition, only to be met with confusion about why you’re not just content?
  • Do you want to be more present in your relationships?
  • Are you ready to be the one that regularly picks up the bill when out to dinner with friends …or strangers?
  • Do YOU want to be the one who says, “We should all get a photo?” instead of hoping they forget?
  • Do you want to have more fun in business, because why the heck else are you doing it?

This Mastermind will help you get into the fuel that will accelerate your personal growth and keep you there, as you head to what’s next. Added bonus, your faith will actually grow stronger! 


You will get faster at saying, “This is FOR me” and “I want to find out what’s possible” because your mental framework is in the right place and working FOR you.

As a result of the Steadfast Life Mastermind you will:

  • Clearly see the limiting beliefs that are slowing you down, so you can exchange them for the truth that propels you forward.
  • Learn how to ENJOY your process without anxiety or fear, so you can love your life even more, NOW!
  • Create more results you want, so you aren't relying on your circumstances to go your way.
  • Discover or multiply your process that's already working, so you know what to repeat and what to eliminate. Saves time and energy!
  • Create more time for yourself, so you can enjoy the fruit of your hard labor! We don't work hard to procrastinate the fun.
  • Have the network and support from other members of the group on your goals with you. Go team!


Become someone who doesn't waiver in their process and is Steadfast, so you can create more of the impossible!

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What Else?

If you’ve been around me for a while you know that I am all about supporting others when we’re able. What I invite all the members of the Mastermind to do is find ways to do that for each other.

Have a podcast launch? We can share it with people we know would love it, and leave a review, if we feel called to do so.

Have a victory that would inspire someone on a similar path? You can find a way to connect with each other and enjoy the journey together.

The main goal, for me, is that you feel you have more resources and support than you ever have. We are not here to compete – we are here to rise up together.

You are here for a reason – and that is individual to you and your mission.  We’re here to help. Leave the FOMO on Instagram!


Investment: $2997

Fast Action Bonus: 2 private coaching sessions + all access pass to Jake and Whit for the Holidays
(you must pay by 11.20.2020)


Next Steps:

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Step 2: Create your account and familiarize yourself with the features you have immediate access to!!  

Have Questions? Send us an Email at [email protected] and we will reach out with more information.


The Fine Print

  • The Trust U Mastermind with Steadfast Life Coaching is a 3-month group mastermind & coaching program.  
  • Mastermind Groups will have up to 12 members.
  • The group will have calls 10 out of 13 weeks – between January 5th and April 2nd
  • The official call times will be announced when the group starts, they will take place.
  • We will attempt to accommodate everyone’s schedule preferences for the small groups, but we will hold strong to the 12 person limit to protect the intimacy of the groups, so it’s possible you won’t get assigned your desired day or time.
  • Any BONUS calls, workshops, or co-working sessions may be at DIFFERENT times than regular calls – you’ll be notified of those as soon as they are scheduled.
  • This is a whole-person mastermind. We coach on all topics related to the growth of your business, health, relationships, and the growth of you as a person.  
  • You are expected to show up and get what you came for. It is your job to ask for the help you need, come to calls ready to be coached and have a coaching topic.
  • All Mastermind calls will be recorded and are available for listening during the month they take place.


Don’t just take it from US…


"Working with Jake and Whitney has changed my life. I was such a critic of myself, which was really a selfish way to live because I was inner-focused. It also feels good to take care of my body. It doesn’t have power over me anymore. I’m proud that I started. And I’m thankful because I was looking for some quick fix; but the deeper, harder work is so worth it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent."




"There was constant mind chatter. I was scared to lose weight and still not like myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be the next diet that fixed me. I was very mean to myself. I wasn’t able to love the people I wanted as big as I could because I couldn’t love myself. I am proud that I did the work besides the weight loss. I lost weight, which is a great thing, but I’ve also learned to love myself. I’ve learned that I can dream big. I’ve learned that my thoughts aren’t always true and I’m not defined by them. I’ve experienced a level of freedom I never knew existed. And that’s freedom from the bondage of my mindset."



"I started this completely lost, completely sad. Thinking I had a purpose in life but really I didn’t, I was floundering. Trusting the process was hard for me. Instead of trying to be the person that I think God thinks I want to be, I can now just be who God wants me to be. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. of mental weight. The freedom and the joy is amazing."




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