Hey, we're Jake & Whit!
We're Christian Life Coaches and we want to remind you that you are already fully loved and amazing!
You're here because you want to reach a greater potential that keeps pulling you.
DESIRES for intimate relationships, a thriving business, healthy lifestyle, fulfillment, and to positively impact your family.


Your desires are part of God’s plan for you!
But, you feel a bit stuck.


You struggle with consistency, self-discipline, and reacting instead of responding the way you want.


We understand... it's NOT your fault and there's nothing wrong with YOU.


Ready to gain the right accountability and tools, so you can step into your new level?

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Our society tells us to DO more and hustle to BE more,
but this leads to burn out.


And even though you may have had success hustling, it's stolen your joy and peace. That's because you weren't made to hustle through your entire life.


There is another way - that doesn't lead to burn out or a lack of joy.


How to identify if you have been hustling or close to burning out:
  • "I should be further than I am" (Even though we both know you're a Type A person who's very successful at the things you do).
  • "There's not enough time in the day to get done all the things" (If we're to get honest, you're already more productive than most).
  • "I have so many balls up in the air, I can't let one drop" (you secretly like that you can juggle so much tho).
  • "When I reach my goal, then I'll be able to enjoy my life more" (you're willing to hustle and sacrifice a lot now, to gain later).
If you have caught yourself thinking ONE of the thoughts above, then you are in the right place.
Listen, adding MORE pressure to do more or increase performance is NOT your missing link.
It's learning how to take slow down, so you can take sustainable action from peace.
This is where we help you to move forward from pressure to peace, so you can actually operate at your max potential AND enjoy your life!

You're already self-motivated and successful

You take lots of the right action and live a pretty blessed life. But you'd like to become more consistent in your healthy habits, have more peace and joy while still going after your dreams.

YES!!!! You don't need to know "the how" in order to be successful.
You do need to be willing to grow, push up against those barriers that say "that seems impossible".

That's where we have your back - to keep going with confidence and peace.
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"Working with Jake and Whitney has changed my life. I was such a critic of myself, which was really a selfish way to live because I was inner-focused. It also feels good to take care of my body. It doesn’t have power over me anymore. I’m proud that I started. And I’m thankful because I was looking for some quick fix; but the deeper, harder work is so worth it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent."




"There was constant mind chatter. I was scared to lose weight and still not like myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be the next diet that fixed me. I was very mean to myself. I wasn’t able to love the people I wanted as big as I could because I couldn’t love myself. I am proud that I did the work besides the weight loss. I lost weight, which is a great thing, but I’ve also learned to love myself. I’ve learned that I can dream big. I’ve learned that my thoughts aren’t always true and I’m not defined by them. I’ve experienced a level of freedom I never knew existed. And that’s freedom from the bondage of my mindset."



"I started this completely lost, completely sad. Thinking I had a purpose in life but really I didn’t, I was floundering. Trusting the process was hard for me. Instead of trying to be the person that I think God thinks I want to be, I can now just be who God wants me to be. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. of mental weight. The freedom and the joy is amazing."




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