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Jeanne J.

"Very interesting coaching call today. I had a topic in mind today until Laura jumped on. Then my actions started making sense. So many nuggets:

1. Belief goes in action line
2. Becoming someone who reaches my goal is not a pathway to peace and confidence
3. Feelings fuel my actions
4. Battle is with thoughts
5. Find my inner bad ass (my favorite)

These all were brought up before I ever raised my hand!"

Jared C.

"After a 12 dry month spell, I set a 30-day financial goal and surpassed it by 50%... in my FIRST MONTH!"

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This is What You'll Learn

When your future is clear it becomes the filter by which your actions in the present are evaluated. Do this right and you can't STOP the results. Action will start taking place and change will start happening. Gaining clarity is key!

We accept beliefs about ourselves as true, even though they block us from the opportunities in front of us. Learn to spot these lies and conquer your past by replacing them with truth. Let your future set a NEW standard for what's possible.

If you are feeling dread, pressure, or fear about the obstacles between you and your next stop, then you are fueling your action the wrong way. It's not sustainable. Manage your thoughts in such a way that you determine the quality of fuel you live from.

Breaking free of old patterns, obstacles or problems can be scary because it's how we see ourselves. Transition into a new identity in order to adopt new habits and create new outcomes. We promise it's not as scary as you think.

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