Steadfast's Signature Program


Remain Steadfast, is our on-the-go community support, simplified online course, and weekly group-coaching.

A trio of transformation... all-in-one. 

It empowers and equips you to strengthen your faith, resilience, and potential, so you can live your best, that God created you for.


>> Through our shared learning, from insights and perspectives of others, your self-awareness and revelation is heightened.


 >> Plus, being part of a faith-based community provides support and inspiration to strengthen your own purposes.


>> As a bonus, it's a more cost-effective option, making it more accessible for different budgets. 

If this sounds like a prayer answered to you, then we welcome you on this incredible adventure, together! 


One Payment


Pay Once & Team Up for Life


8 Monthly Payments


8 Payments and You're Done


Who is Remain Steadfast For?

You know God is calling you to more that will require risk. You're ready to say yes but feel overwhelmed and uncertain, so you tend to stay stuck in the same place.

You want to thrive, not just survive, during lifes challenges. You're ready to put the fear and overwhelm aside, so you can become all God created you to be. 

You want the encouraging accountability to share your victories and help you overcome obstacles with. To learn new tools, build better beliefs, and gain healther habits that compliment your life.
You come alive being part of a like-minded community who values adventure, growth, and faith. Being a part of a strong team always encouraged you.

Partnering with God gives you a new level of fulfillment, greater meaning, & helps you overcome challenges, so you can be resilient.


It’s literally a superpower that allows you to tap into MORE of who you already are. We equip you to know how to do that in the day-to-day.


I Want to Join Remain Steadfast

Do you want to access a version of yourself that?


Thrives under pressure. The deadlines or high expectations at work tend to overwhelm you but when you press into this inner athlete you remember “I can do hard things” and it gives you access to confidence.



Weathers the storm. When challenges occur, there’s a part of you that knows you were made to handle this, even though it feels unbearable. You access an inner strength to keep going, “this is what I do; one step at a time”



Trains to get better. You enjoy doing things that strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. You don’t strive for perfection because you know it’s all about process - just keep going. When you miss a day, you pick back up where you left off.



Keeps your eyes on the path. There's are lots of things to distract you (discomfort, doubt, frustration, or even injury) but you refocus to remember why you are pushing through the challenges. You remember the greater purpose and this keeps you showing up.



Refuses to quit. Listening to your body is a skill you know all athletes have - knowing when to push and when to recover. This is different than quitting. You make decisions from being empowered. Giving up isn’t an option, instead, you change your approach or pace but never quit.



Your best adventure is waiting for you TODAY. 


We created Remain Steadfast, as a life-supporting community of faith-based people who want to adventure and be resilient with God, as a way of life.  


Mastering yourself and surrendering to God in every area of life becomes your reason to see challenges as opportunities… to train.

When life gets lifey, you’re no longer choosing to be a victim or stay hopeless. Instead, you choose powerfully, take responsibility for your part, and show up in a way you feel proud of. 


  • When your marriage is struggling - you train to get better, keep your eyes on the path, and no matter what you learn how to overcome. 
  • When you have 50 lbs you want to lose - you train to sharpen your mind, improve your self-talk, keep your eyes on the path, and refuse to quit.
  • When your family is divided and disconnected - you train to be more patient, acquire the tools necessary, forgive, and stay focused on the vision. 
  • When your dream of starting a business seems scary - you train to be confident and courageous, take risks to learn, and refuse to settle for comfort.  



Remain Steadfast is a collection of tools created to keep you constantly moving forward, focused on your process, and adjusting when necessary. 

They’ve been simplified and organized in a way that allows you to easily navigate where to go next when you hit obstacles.

These tools start with you knowing and claiming your identity - who you are. It’s an essential part, so you can lay the foundation for long-term success. 

Most people see themselves by their roles, responsibilities, or accolades. When seasons end or accolades wear off - your identity is full of insecurities. We want to help you create a foundation of who you are that’s unshakable. 

The 3 ways to Remain Steadfast

This program takes this concept and adds coaches and teammates so you'll be supported.  Then we remove the clock so there is less pressure.


Teammates come from a private Facebook community consisting ONLY of other arena dwellers who have decided that their dreams are worth the price to get there and who recognize the value of the athlete inside both themselves and you.


Coaches come from live coaching opportunities from Jake and Whit.  Zoom calls, Facebook Live coaching within the group, access to replays via emails, in person coaching events, mini retreats, and full blown adventure retreats in the mountains, deserts, and beaches across the globe.


The clock vanishes when you get LIFETIME ACCESS!!!  Once you're in, you're in.  You will have access to the app for iPhone and Android, to your library, coaching calls, events, the community, and deeply discounted rates for larger events like adventure retreats ...for as long as Whit and Jake are coaching.

Hi, We’re Jake and Whit!

Jake Roehl is a belief coach who has 20 plus years of experience teaching math and changing the way people see their ability to learn.

He is passionate about empowering people to believe before they see evidence, to make the process more fun and enjoyable.

His experience and passion make him a fun coach who teaches you how to believe the impossible.


Whitney Roehl is a transformation coach, who has years of experience overcoming childhood trauma, food addiction, body shaming, a poverty mindset, and shame.

Her stories are inspiring because she walks the talk. There is nothing she will ask you to do that she hasn't already done herself.

She coaches with integrity, helping others break the small thinking that keeps them stuck, living in false limitations. 

What You’ll Get…


‚úĒ Live zoom calls + replays

 ‚úĒ Live facebook coaching in private group

‚úĒ On demand coaching via computer or phone app

(programs, tools, lessons, meditations, journals, devotions, coaching replays)

‚úĒ Challenges

‚úĒ Team building activities

‚úĒ Discounted "Teammate Pricing" on adventure retreats



Once you see how this program and this community operate, you will find that you are more fit, you are more consistent, you think less about food because your life is so awesome, you are more in love with your spouse, you are more present with your family, you have more financial freedom, and you have a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.