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  • You were designed for a specific purpose. 
  • Your individual calling requires the authentic version of you: your personality, talents, and unique experiences.
  • You want to impact the world and have a willingness to pursue it.

But you struggle with self-doubt and cannot clearly see your path.

Learn how to unlock your greatness.

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Trust U will help you:

  • Learn how your brain operates.

  • Identify your triggers and how to process emotions. 

  • Cope in healthy ways that regulate your nervous system.

  • Create a personalized roadmap aimed toward your specific destiny.

  • Develop practices that align your thoughts with God's plan.

  • Spot lies from the enemy and replace them with God's Truth.

  • Live confidently from your Divine identity and purpose.

  • Become the person you aspire to be.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Includes Trust U Meditations
  • The Pathway to Change
  • Capture your Thoughts
  • Whit's Weight Loss Series
  • Steadfast Enriched

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  • Includes Trust U Meditations
  • Includes Trust U Full Access
  • Weekly coaching calls with Whit and Jake

You Are Being Called


Your mind is either in alignment or out of alignment with God's plan and purpose for your life. There is no middle ground.

  • You cannot hear Him clearly when you are lost in discouragement, anxiety, and doubt. 
  • You cannot be confident in what He wants for you when you are unable to see yourself with the same love and compassion He has for you.  

In order to successfully spot the lies and replace them with the Truth, a process is needed.

It is a process of awareness, knowledge, and practice.

Trust U is designed to teach you how to master it; how to make desired changes, navigate tough seasons, and pursue your destiny.

You will get the tools, gain the knowledge, and have the support to live in the freedom of your purpose.

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What People are Saying

"I quit my job, bought my dream house, and started my coaching business. Now, I live with the audacious faith I’ve always craved." - Nancy C.


"I wanted to choose family first instead of prioritizing my Real Estate business. It’s paid off. I'm more present, take more time off, and my wife and I are connecting on a deeper level.” - Chris B.


"After a 12 dry month spell being self-employed, I set a 30-day financial goal and surpassed it by 50%... in my FIRST MONTH of joining Trust U!" - Jarrod C.

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Through TRUST U you will have access to tools that teach you how to rewire your brain. With this online membership, you’ll gain 24/7 unlimited access to all of our resources and LIVE coaching calls.

The secret is a THREE pronged approach:

1. Mini Courses to equip you along your journey of change. Through teaching and reflection you will learn what you need to know.  Building Skills

2. Tools for the Daily Renewal of your Mind to create the environment that will produce the fruit you're after.  Building Habits

3. Live coaching so you have more eyes on you brain to reveal the stories that are keeping you stuck.  Building Self Awareness

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Jake and Whit developed Trust U that's helped clients:

  • Lose and keep off 30 up to 70lbs.

  • Triple their income

  • Transform their relationships

  • Confidently navigate tough seasons like a divorce or loss of a loved one

  • Stop using food and alcohol to numb

  • Build a business from PEACE instead of pressure

  • Retire from a career

  • And so much more!

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Got a dream that feels too big? 

Whit and Jake are available for 6 month 2 on 1 coaching programs for an extremely limited number of clients.  If you're hungry for personalized attention from coaches who can teach you to burn and rebuild the thinking that is preventing your fulfillment - take a look at the VIP coaching program

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