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Learn to Do What You Say

Join Steadfast Life Coaching through Trust U, so you can start trusting you.

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When you can count on yourself to do the things you want, you become UNSTOPPABLE!


Most of us WANT to be healthy and wealthy but when it comes to doing "all the things" we loose commitment or change our mind.


What if you could decide, commit, then trust that you'd achieve it?


We've helped our clients develop self-trust, so they could create the life they  thought was impossible.


We want to help you STOP setting goals to only get half way or settle for less.


You can start pursuing your goals relentlessly, today.


Listen, if you could do it on your own, then you'd already have done it!


Think about how different your life would be, 6 months from now, if you did EXACTLY what you said. Pretty amazing- we know!

Ultimately, you'll build self-trust that becomes your character.

We've spent the past year and a half building Trust U from a process that's helped clients...

  • Lose 30 up to 70lbs and keep it off.
  • Triple their income.
  • Transform their marriage.
  • Stop 15 year old habits: smoking, drinking, overeating.
  • End unhealthy romantic-dating patterns.
  • Start a new business they've wanted for years.
  • Retire from a career.
  • And so much more.
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This is What You'll Learn

When your future is so clear, it becomes the filter, by which your actions in the present are evaluated. Do this right and you can't STOP it from happening. Gaining clarity is key!

If you use your past as evidence of what is possible for your future ...then you'll keep creating the past. Learn to let your future set a NEW standard of what's possible. Teach your brain how to think from possibilities.

"I'm not smart enough."  "I'm no good at public speaking." These are examples of beliefs that we often accept as true, even though they block us from the opportunities in front of us. Learn to spot these lies, then find your truth to replace them. You'll be able to take action with more ease.

If you are feeling dread, pressure, or fear about the obstacles between you and your next stop, then you are fueling your action the wrong way. It's not sustainable. Manage your thoughts in such a way that you determine the quality of fuel you live from.

Breaking free from old patterns, obstacles, or problems can be scary because they are how we see ourselves. Transitioning into a new identity is necessary though in order to adopt new habits, to get different outcomes. We promise, it's not a scary as your brain thinks.

The 5 Tools You Receive Access To

10-min Meditations

The skill of mindfulness requires reps, but the rewards are worth the effort.  Find a quiet spot, get comfortable, and press play to build your skill

Self-paced "How to" Course

This is the path that takes your from getting honest about where you are, deciding where you're going, and overcoming the obstacles in your way with greater CLARITY.

4- Step Process

Build the skill of self awareness,learn how to manage your mind and evaluate the way you think. So you can stop letting emotions or circumstances be in the driver seat of your life.

BONUS: Mini Courses

Take a deeper dive to help you gain more authority over your experience. Learn how to apply changing your mental frameworks. You'll understand exactly how.

PLUS, Your Accountability

We don't hold your hand because it doesn't help.

We DO offer opportunity for you to be supported and encouraged through our Facebook community and weekly emails. You can ask others questions and receive reminders to stay on track.

We know EXACTLY what it takes to get rid of old patterns, so you can create new ones.

We're here for you 100% of the way!

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Who We Are

Build A Life You Crave With Trust U

Why can you trust us to guide you?

Whitney's a walking example of this work.

Her transformations include:

  • Lost 40 lbs. and built a healthy relationship with food.
  • Attracted a God-fearing man who's her dream partner.
  • Built a 6-figure business that supports her dream life.
  • Quit over-drinking because she didn't want to desire it anymore.

All of this came from learning how to trust herself to do what she said and not stop until she accomplished it.


When Jake embarked on this journey with Whitney, he was exposed to a vocabulary that took the lessons he learned through sports and adventure that inspired him to put his teaching expertise to this work by...

  • Making complicated concepts simple.
  • Offering different learning styles to get results faster.
  • Creating fun in the process so sticking to it is easier.

The skills he learned from 20 years of teaching high school math has become his contribution to the greatest adventure of his life far


Together, they're dedicated to teach the world,

"how to do what you say",

so YOU can create the life you crave.

What are you waiting for?

Imagine, what you'll accomplish and who you'll become on the other side.

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