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Meet Jake and Whit

We're Christian Life Coaches and we want to remind you that you are already fully loved and amazing!

You're here because you want to reach a greater potential that keeps pulling you.

DESIRES for intimate relationships, a thriving business, healthy lifestyle, fulfillment, and to positively impact your family.

Your desires are part of God’s plan for you!

But, you feel a bit stuck.

You struggle with consistency, self-discipline, and reacting instead of responding the way you want.

We understand... it's NOT your fault and there's nothing wrong with YOU.

Our desire is to help you achieve your goals through VIP Coaching! Whether you desire intimate relationships, a thriving business, a healthy lifestyle, fulfillment in life or to positively impact your family, we want to help you achieve those goals by maintaining consistency, becoming self-disciplined and learning to respond the way you want instead of reacting. 

Learn how to take back joy and peace in your life and eliminate the hustle and burnout that you experience every day!


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FREE 40-Min Session

We want to hear about you! We want you to share where you are, where you want to go and the specific obstacles that are holding you back.

Connect and Breakthrough

Don’t you want to operate at your maximum potential and enjoy your life? We will equip you to live steadfast through freedom so you can impact your world fueled by God’s truth.

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We seek to listen and understand what makes your situation unique. Then, we’ll share the mindset solutions that will equip you to overcome those obstacles, such as:

  • Gain clarity on competing desires
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and making you feel stuck
  • Quiet the unwanted mind chatter and master your thoughts

Most importantly, we will guide you to an empowered decision so you walk away with increased confidence and decisiveness.



"Working with Jake and Whitney has changed my life. I was such a critic of myself, which was really a selfish way to live because I was inner-focused. It also feels good to take care of my body. It doesn’t have power over me anymore. I’m proud that I started. And I’m thankful because I was looking for some quick fix; but the deeper, harder work is so worth it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent."


"There was constant mind chatter. I was scared to lose weight and still not like myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be the next diet that fixed me. I was very mean to myself. I wasn’t able to love the people I wanted as big as I could because I couldn’t love myself. I am proud that I did the work besides the weight loss. I lost weight, which is a great thing, but I’ve also learned to love myself. I’ve learned that I can dream big. I’ve learned that my thoughts aren’t always true and I’m not defined by them. I’ve experienced a level of freedom I never knew existed. And that’s freedom from the bondage of my mindset."


"I started this completely lost, completely sad. Thinking I had a purpose in life but really I didn’t, I was floundering. Trusting the process was hard for me. Instead of trying to be the person that I think God thinks I want to be, I can now just be who God wants me to be. I feel like I lost 50 lbs. of mental weight. The freedom and the joy is amazing."

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