My Story Begins...

My dad was a War Hero in Vietnam with severe PTSD. He'd black out and revisit war experiences. Sometimes it'd end up with cops taking him to jail, me sprinting to safety, or events I don't want to remember. He loved his family dearly but battled with War trauma. It won.

  • At 15, I started to use alcohol regularly to cope with anger. I felt resentful.
  • By 18, I attempted suicide twice and hospitalized for a near death overdose. I felt hopeless.
  • At 23, I was in a unhealthy romantic relationship that I said "YES" to. Three months prior to our wedding, I called it off. I felt fearful.
  • At 25, I began the entrepreneur journey. I'd failed miserably, four times. So badly, at one point, I was living out of my car for six months. I felt defeated.
Finally, I felt SO disappointed in myself, I made a life change.

I stopped over drinking. Then strengthened my relationship with God and myself.

My past has had several dark moments but I'm grateful for it.

I learned how to live in complete freedom, empowerment, and peace. I can teach you!

I know EXACTLY what it takes to do what feels like the impossible.

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a NEW person. The old life is gone; a NEW life has begun."

-2 Corinthians 5:17

I never knew how to step into this NEW self I was destined for, until I learned how and now LIVE it.
We help clients live in the NEW life they have access to.
It's a whole new level of peace, joy, and freedom!

With love, Whit

Are you ready to step into your power?

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