Become steadfast, so you can remain unwavering in the face of challenges.

Your Coaches

As husband and wife, they co-founded Steadfast Life Coaching. 

A faith-based coaching company that works with business owners and leaders to:


- Set clear goals and priorities.
- Develop a confident sense of purpose.
- Cultivate resilience in different areas of life.
- Practice self-discipline to stay motivated and focused.
- Surround yourself with value-aligned people who support you and your goals.


They personalize their coaching  to each individual clients' needs.


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Freedom from Shame, Lies,

and Brokeness. 

by Whitney Roehl

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Say yes to the adventure God's called YOU into!


Partnering with God, to live outside of your comfort zone and fully into your calling, can feel overwhelming.

Jake and Whit have made a lifestyle of it. They live what they help others learn how to do and apply. 

Fear, doubt, and past failures are three obstacles that will keep you feeling unfulfilled and anxious.

Are you ready to overcome all three?

The truth is, God has called you, specifically, to spaces and places based on your gifts, personality, and experiences He's given you.

Many people, end up waiting for circumstances to change before taking risks.

We want to encourage you that God is calling you to equip yourself now because He has a purpose for your today!

Steadfast Life helps you overcome fears and obstacles, so you can walk in confidence with God as a way of life.

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Why team up with Steadfast Life?

 Jake and Whit are a dynamic duo! They compliment each other and work incredibly well together as coaches. 

They're often described as a team with their collective strengths and abilities that make them more effective than if thy were workin alone. 

They have 6 years of being business partners in a handful of businesses while parenting, traveling, and going on mission trips. 

Whitney Roehl, is a published author to her new book Reckless Grace: Freedom from Shame, Brokenness, and Lies.  She has overcome long lasting effects from childhood trauma, PTSD, and broke generational patterns of sin. She is a walking testimony of freedom, healing, and living powerfully in her Gods-calling. In her coaching she includes Holy Spirit being a powerful partner for healing. Whit enjoys reading, as a life-time learner but also lives a very active life with her husband and 14-month old son. Her favorite is going for 2-mile hikes in nature to see Gods beauty. 


Jake Roehl, has over 20-years of teaching High School Math with a Bachelors in Engineering. He also has over 20 years of sports coaching that he loves to include in his analogies.  He loves backpacking to summit 14,000 foot mountains, taking clients to surf perfect waves in Puerto Rico twice a year, and catching snakes in his free time. He is a fun, funny, and enthusiastic person you'll quickly connect with. 

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