Hi, we're Jake & Whit Roehl.

We are master coaches.

Joined Tony Robbins on 2021 list for Yahoo News as "Top 10 Life Coaches in 2021".


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We're so glad you found us.

It’s not by accident or coincidence that you’re here.

There’s probably a few reasons you may have been curious about our services.

We’re happy to talk about that but first we want to proclaim what we believe about you. Maybe you’re thinking “you’ve never met me, so how do you know?”

That’s true, but we do know our audience and if you’ve stayed on this page in curiosity then chances are you are a “steadfast” person.


  • We believe God has given you an extraordinary purpose that’s unique to you. It requires your exact formula of experiences, talents, and knowledge. This means that the burning desires you have in your heart, the ideas you have, are meant for you to pursue and achieve. It’s an invitation from God that has your name on it.  
  • We believe God has created you with so much GOLD inside. You have character and gifts that you have yet discovered that sets you apart from billions of people. It’s GOLD this world needs and it can only come from you releasing it. 
  • We believe God has called you NOW. It’s easy to think “now isn’t the time” or “I’m not ready yet” which keeps us putting off these things. There is a reason you’re here searching by accident or on purpose. You’re ready now, in this present moment. Now is the perfect time to say “yes” to the desires you have and release more of your GOLD. 

These three things are essential to the work we do with the people we serve. You may not believe all three of these things, that’s ok. That’s what we’re here for, to help you believe in new possibilities and say yes to extraordinary things because that’s what you were created for.

Our coaching is especially for you if...

  • You’re a go-getter, we call it a high-performer.
  • You like to set goals and see them crossed off. This is a great skill of yours that many people admire in you.
  • You’re a family-oriented person who has a big heart.
  • You want more for you, so you can give more to the people you love.
  • There’s a desire in you to make an impact on the world, to leave it a better place. 

We see you...

You aren’t as consistent as you’d like, to be the role model and leader that you desire to be.

You want to lead by example. Let’s be honest, there are some things you’re out of integrity with because you don’t do them yourself but know the importance of it. 

You feel anxious about the future, not feeling confident you can keep up with the pace you’re currently going at.

This concerns you because you think if you take your foot off the gas, it may all come crashing down. You’re exhausted though and know that the pace you’re currently going at will have a negative side effect.

You have a bigger dream that feels too risky and overwhelming.

The idea of it excites you and even brings you to life in new ways but you can’t imagine how it could possibly happen. You see too many obstacles to overcome. Plus, when you think about figuring out the how, what you’d have to do, and who’d you have to become it quickly feels like too much.

You’ve been living to please others more than to please God or being true to you.

This has led to losing yourself, possibly your health or even your happiness. You feel disconnected to God and you. You’re not sure where to begin to get the “you” back that feels alive, joyful and peaceful. The process of getting there seems so far away, you feel discouraged anytime you start. 

These are the most common reasons people come to Steadfast Life. Maybe you relate to one of these obstacles or maybe you relate to several of them. Either way, it’s ok, we’re grateful you’re here and you're exactly where you need to be to make the change you desire. 

The good news is that being exactly where you are is what you need in order to make the change you desire. Most humans don't look at changing until there is enough pain to get out of their own way. 

You’ve done hard and challenging things before, this is no different and we know how to help.


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"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."

-Galatians 5:1


Jeff J.


I started working with Jake and Whitney because of a hard breakup and it was honestly one of the most rewarding things I have done.

Now, a year later I continue to work with them as my business coaches. I've grown my company in ways I didn't think was possible.

I highly recommend working with them if you feel you are not living to your full potential. It's life-changing and definitely worth it!


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Whit's Story

Whit has gone through several of her own transformations. She is an example of what's possible with their work.

She lost 40 lbs., stopped drinking, built a lucrative six-figure business that supports her dream life and overcame the challenges of being a step mom.

She's learned how to live from her identity in Christ, overcome limiting beliefs that kept her stuck, and live from an inner peace that keeps her steadfast.  

Her transformations were only possible through renewing her mind FIRST.

Now she teaches others how to take authority over their mind and create the extraordinary life God's called them to.

Jake's Story

Jake incorporates the skills he learned from engineering school and 20 years of teaching high school math to make complicated concepts simple, so you can easily apply them.

He also brings lessons he learned from playing a Division 1 sport to climbing countless 14,000 ft mountains.

His hunger for growth and adventure shows in his teaching style; it's contagious.

Jake makes the journey fun, so committing is easier and more enjoyable!

You’ve reached the end of this page and the beginning of a new adventure!


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