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Help yourself to FREE resources that guide you toward living steadfastly. You can access more peace, build consistency and develop those habits you desire.

Meditations On The Go

Renewal of your mind is a daily practice and mediation is a great place to start.  Begin your day with peace.

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Create Consistency

Feeling like you make great plans but lack follow-through? In this course, we address the problem at its root and unlock the brain behind your INaction

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Your Morning Routine

Enough with the morning everyone says you SHOULD have!  Follow this step-by-step guide to create the routine that will ACTUALLY become habits you enjoy!!

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Team up with Steadfast Life

Not sure how life coaching compares to the sports coaching you love? 

Just like coaches in sports, they give players side-line perspectives, tools, and the support they need to reach new levels and win CHAMPIONSHIPS!

We help you win the big games and deal with the mundane, so you can live more like the champion that lives IN you!

You can work one-on-one with Jake or Whit, if you like the individual attention.

You can join Steadfast's lifetime membership, called Remain Steadfast, which puts you in a community with other leaders who also love sports and winning championships.

Either way, you choose, you will gain tools, perspective, and a personalized strategy that brings out more of the BEST in every area of your life.

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