Episode #47 Believe something you've never believed

When I was 13 years old, I was 4'-11", I was a freshman in high school, and I weighed 95lbs.  If you asked me if I was planning to play football - I would look at you sideways and tell you there was not a chance.  If you pressed about any other sports, I'd tell you I was going to play volleyball ...and I planned on making varsity.

Some might say the football answer was "realistic" - after all, the average high school football player at my school weighed double my weight.  Interestingly enough, the average varsity volleyball player was a full foot taller than me as well - but I had different beliefs about volleyball.

So what happened?  I played varsity volleyball and I never played football.  Additionally, I am proud of my choice to try out for volleyball and embarrassed of my choice to avoid football.

In this series we've been talking about learning to be OK with other people being wrong about us, but what about the situations where WE are the ones who are wrong about us?  I had a limiting belief about a football that stemmed from a thought, "I'm too small to play football."  I had been practicing that thought since for about 5 years and I was super good at thinking it. I was so good at it, in fact, that it had become a belief.  

What if I had practiced a different thought?  What if I didn't care that people thought I was too small to play football?  What if I thought, "I can do what I want"?  What would have been different if I walked into high school with a different belief?  What if you could change some of YOUR beliefs?  What if you were wrong about you?