Episode #21: Don't Let FEAR be a Factor for You

Social discomfort comes in many shapes and sizes, but can basically be boiled down to the fear of rejection.

In this video, Whitney and Jake dive into the idea that since fear is an emotion & emotions are ONLY caused by thoughts, we can choose thoughts that decrease the fear. Want to diminish the discomfort you feel in social situations? - this is the video for you. Also, be sure to check out their podcast where Jake and Whitney dive deeper so you can be an over-comer of it.

What type of thoughts did you come up? Which are fueling your fear? Hopefully, you decided to write them down so you can practice being more aware of them in the future.

Below is our podcast:

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why several social situations can be nerve-racking
  • That social situations don't cause our feeling of fear, our thoughts do
  • How to remove the power of rejection
  • Build more self-confidence quickly
  • Do more of what you love, find balance in your schedule and plan ahead.

What's your desired destination in your relationships? In order to change our current circumstances by enhancing them we have to know where we are beginning. Then decide where we want to go.

Obviously, it's important to do this in all area's of life but often times people overlook doing this for their relationships.

So we want to help make sure you are not allowing fear to restrict the quality of your connections or friendships.

Remember, you have a lot of value to offer, other people need your gifts, talents, abilities, and encouragement. Be sure to contribute!


Jake & Whitney