Episode #22 How to Bounce Back when Life Knocks you Down

Have there ever been times, where you got punched in the gut by life? Maybe a family member got sick unexpectedly or you received bad news you didn't expect, that took some time to process it all. Or wondered, how you would get through it with your spirits lifted enough to continue.

In this episode, Jake and Whitney discuss a tough season of Jake's life when he was faced with circumstances that knocked him off his feet. It was going through a divorce that challenged him and required time to process it all.

Life is unpredictable. It's how we decide to respond to these difficult situations that will either make us stronger or cause additional suffering.

It's our goal, to share this story so you can be encouraged, know you're not alone, and feel hopeful for the good the future has in store. As long as you are willing to obtain the right type of mindset, look past those circumstances, then you can always bounce back.

This podcast has a lot of "golden nuggets", ways you can learn from Jake sharing his experience. How he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, healed, and prepared for what life had in store for him.

In this episode, Jake and Whitney discuss valuable topics that include:

  • Identity, discover where you find your worth: career, kids, or how people view you.
  • How to rebuild a shaken identity with a strong foundation and new confidence.
  • How to respond to circumstance that rattle you: break-ups, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or illness.
  • How to be sure your character is aligned with the life you strive to live.
  • Ways you can heal and overcome when you feel stuck or discouraged.

We hope you will get a lot of helpful information from this podcast.

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