Episode #23 Ignite New Action by Challenging Old Beliefs

What is something you desire to DO or ACHIEVE, but never have been successful at it in the past?

Maybe it's starting a business, losing 30lbs, cutting back on drinking, or earning a spot on a college sports team.

If you've put in any sacrifice towards a goal and failed, you may have been tempted to believe, "I've done this twice before and failed miserably", or "every time I've tried this it hasn't worked for me, so I must not be capable".

There are several obstacles we face when challenging ourselves with ambitious goals.

Some of these obstacles, that commonly occur, may include:

  1. The tendency to look to your past for evidence of whether you can or cant.
  2. Basing your ability to succeed on whether others believe you can or can't.

So, how do we overcome those obstacles and get back up again after failing with the belief it's possible?

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Allow others to be wrong about you.
  3. Focus on your compelling reason why.

Tune in below to the FitBar Effect podcast, episode #23 Ignite New Action by Challenging Old Beliefs

In this episode, Jake talks about his personal experience of trying out for the mens indoor volleyball team at Loyola Marymount University after getting cut two years in a row but still showing up for the third time to try out. You'll have to tune into to hear the details.

Also, Whitney talks about trying to cut out alcohol from her life, after more attempts than she could count but finally does it. She discusses her struggles and how she believed it was possible to create the result she desired.

If you can relate to doubting yourself or believing you don't have the ability, then don't be discouraged, you are doing it right.

Remember, you become a better version of yourself when you go after goals and dreams that challenge you. The journey is worth it!!

We'd love to hear your comments below on what you've tried but failed and how you overcame those obstacles.