Episode #24 The Power of Taking a Break from Dating

Finding your "soul mate" or life-long, best friend, plus romantic partner seems to get harder and harder as the years pass. Even with technology and all the different dating apps, so many ways to meet people, it doesn't simplify the process.

Unfortunately, often times it does the exact opposite of being helpful. All of this can leave us feeling unfulfilled, really busy, and unsuccessful.

Is there anything we can do differently?

Whitney shares how she took a "time-out" from dating to make sure she was the kind of person that the guy she wanted to attract would be attracted to. Sound a little contrary to meeting the right person? She thought so too at first.

After taking this intentional break to refocus, define personal values, and work on personal goals she was able to quiet some external distractions to start making  major progress in becoming her BEST self.

Similarly, we've all seen sporting events where things just aren't clicking for one team and they call time-out.  The purpose of the time-out is to stop the clock, take a break from needing to react, players can catch their breath, and most importantly to evaluate & adjust the strategy.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The true value of taking a break to reassess.
  • How to focus on the important steps you need to take next.
  • Gain endurance to get back to work.

Whether you are looking for your perfect teammate, trying to build an uplifting community, or simply looking to make some changes in who you are, these insights into the value of a "pause & restart" could make a massive difference in your life.

We'd love to hear your comments below on your experience of taking a break from dating? How did it help you gain more clarity?