Episode #28 Resisting Healthy Habits? - Learn from a Teacher

Teachers often hear the question, "When am I going to use this?"  This can be a sign of an interested student looking for how new information applies in life ...but 95% of the time its a student trying to make a decision about whether or not the energy required to "learn this" is worth it.  They are looking for a way out.  We do the same thing with our quest for overall health in our lives.  Whenever it involves discomfort, we wonder - Is it really worth it?  Do I really have to do this?

Sometimes we get caught up in goals like, "I'm going to get to the gym 3 times every week" or "I am going to eat nothing but chicken and grapefruit for a month."  Focusing on such bland goals is miserable.  What if you had goals like backpacking in the Sierras, dancing for 3 consecutive hours on a Saturday night, competing at your favorite sport, or participating in a walk to raise money.  It's amazing how different a workout can feel when it has another purpose besides doing a workout.

Of course I find myself in situations when I have to pass on desserts I want or do sit-ups in the living room, but I was recently reminded that the purpose of those choices is to experience life in this body I've got.  I don't have any other way to looks at an amazing view, feel warm sun on my face, or lend a hand to someone who needs me.  When I remember that I am maintaining my body to open up opportunities for experiences in this life ...the only life I get, suddenly I'm not using will power to grind through my workout - instead I'm grateful I have the chance to prepare for whatever comes up next.