Episode #31 Do you know what you're Trading?

In the move "Stand and Deliver" Jaime Escalante delivers the powerful line:
"All you see is the turn.  You don't see the road ahead." (1min clip)

I have been guilty of making the same choice over and over until it becomes my default without taking the time to step back and see what I'm missing out on by making that choice.  Often, once the light is shining on the details of my trade, the choice I'm making seems ridiculous ...but I didn't realize it.

I have watched thousands of students sped 15 minutes doing NOTHING in silence in their desk instead of spending that 15 minutes on homework.  I always wonder - is THIS 15 minutes really better to have available than the 15 minutes you're trading later tonight?  Maybe it is and maybe it's not, I don't pretend to know, but I have my doubts that the question is even being asked as they make their choice.

I was once asked, "Are you willing to trade your comfort for your goals?"  If I were to be completely honest, that question offends me.  Of course not!  Although ...sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it, because, like all humans, I have a default setting of "I'll go with comfort."

One of my favorite books, "The Champions Mind" poses the concept of setting gold medal goals, silver medal goals, and bronze medal goals, then checking in on your effort when you feel your self making justifications about "needing some time off", "needing to decompress", or "deserving a day off."  The check in is simple:

Am I putting in a gold, silver, or bronze medal effort?  What kind of effort do you WANT to be putting in?  Are you trading your gold medal goal for your present comfort?

If I eat this burrito before I go to bed, I won't sleep well.  If I don't sleep well, I'll wake up groggy and feeling guilty ...THEN I won't feel like joining my friends for that paddle - I'll just get some computer work done.  Wait ...am I seriously considering trading a paddle on the lake with friends for a microwaved burrito??

In this episode I take a look at a trade I was making ...I was choosing to keep up with the next episode of TV shows over a deep connection with Whitney - as the Indiana Jones Knight of the Crusades put it, "He chose poorly".

Sometimes we simply aren't aware of the TRADES we are making - that is NOT the FitBar Lifestyle!!  If this resonates with you, then stop it

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