Episode #32 I Think there's ALWAYS a Thought

If you've heard Whitney's story of personal growth, weight-loss, and mastering her cravings, you've heard her say, "I tried every solution I could think of, but it wasn't until I changed my thoughts that I found success." - Quick side note, if you HAVEN'T heard her story, WHAAAAAT???  You'll want to do something about that immediately.

Whitney talks like this a lot ..."Thought-Work", 'Managing my mind", "My mind management tools" - but what the heck does that mean?  Or as my Algebra teacher Mr. Jenkins used to say, "Could you be more vague?"

The reality is that this is a breakthrough concept that changes the way you experience the world, your life, relationships, and any obstacles that come your way.  The idea is simple - we all think stuff and we mistake our thoughts for facts.  Thought work is a process you can use to check in on those thoughts, recognize that they are, in fact JUST thoughts, then act accordingly.  Maybe you hold on to them, maybe you work on changing them, maybe you take  extra time to understand them, maybe you simply observe them - the choice is yours ...and that's where things get awesome.

You're allowed to think whatever you want about the things that happen in your life - the choice is yours, and your feelings about the events of your life are directly manufactured by those thoughts - and the choice is yours.  The actions you take in life are a direct result of your feelings - and the choice is yours.  The results you see in your life are a direct result of the actions you take - and THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

This is a topic that Whitney and I are incredibly passionate about and it's the kind of thing that we love sharing with our FitBar Community ...as a matter of fact, it is one the foundations of our community.  I'm so excited now, I just want to hear this podcast ...so here you go.  Enjoy!

If you were to look at our Calendar, you'd see a chunk of time blocked off every morning that says, "Whit: Thought Work" - she literally doing it at the desk next to me while I type this right now ...but what the heck is it?

Thought work is actually amazing and it has given a deep understanding to the way I was fortunate enough to be taught to live my life from childhood.  In this episode, I interview Whitney and get to the bottom of this thought work thing to find out JUST how she does it, why it offers