Episode #34: Marshmallows, Math, and Maslow

I like to drink Dr Pepper, but sometimes I choose not to.  Why is that?  Well for starters, if I choose to hydrate instead of drink Dr Pepper, I have less shoulder pain, I have less knee pain, I get to workout without so much pain, so I workout more often.  I have workout options like trail running, volleyball, and SUP available to me, so I am more excited about getting exercise, and I stay more successful at reaching my goals like winning volleyball games, competing at a high level in tournaments, having Whitney's back when we play together, climbing mountains, and exploring the creeks and rivers of Central Texas.

Then there's this other cool thing that happens - when I say, "no thanks, not tonight", it makes me better at denying myself quick pleasure.  I LEARN that I have the ability to experience the discomfort of a night without Dr Pepper.  And I LEARN that I have the ability to experience discomfort in a lot of areas of my life.  I LEARN that discomfort is not the worst thing that can happen in life ...but sacrificing my potential as a human being in order to avoid discomfort might actually be the worst thing.

Delaying gratification is choosing discomfort on purpose.  Sometimes for massive gains, but sometimes simply to remind yourself that just because something brings you pleasure, that doesn't mean you're obligated to do it.  You get to choose.

I don't always choose discomfort - I don't always skip the Dr Pepper.  As a matter of fact, I'm taking Whitney out tonight and Dr Pepper will be a wonderful part of our evening!!  I'm not interested in DENYING gratification - I'm a HUGE fan of DELAYING it.

There is so much temptation for instant gratification, so why not just give in?  Why not just ride the wave of false pleasure until the ride is over?  Abraham Maslow has this crazy idea about a human need for self-actualization - and he seems like a smart guy.  In this episode, we dive into the concept of delaying gratitude - why it's important and how to get better at it!