Episode #43 Positive Self-Talk: Examples of Mastery

It has been said that 93% of communication is non verbal and 53% of that is body language.  The funny thing about communication is that our tone and our body language not only communicate to those around us, but to ourselves as well.

The same is true for my self-talk ...it turns out it's quite similar to the way I talk to others.  When i am critical and judgmental of others , I am practicing being critical and judgmental of myself.  I am rehearsing looking for and accepting those negative thoughts.

The good news is that I love giving a good compliment.  I love to be observant and try to discover what someone is working on in their life - where they are putting their effort, then to acknowledge that effort.  It's connecting and it makes me feel like I am contributing to their process ...and anyone who reads this knows that I love the process.

It turns out that this joy of mine contributes greatly to my own positive self-talk.  When I practice saying kind things to others, I rehearse thinking positive thoughts about others.  I give them the space to be who they are and I look for their efforts to grow instead of judging them for where I believe they should be.  This perspective then carries over to how I think about myself.  Imagine if you allowed yourself to be who you are, you praised your efforts to grow, and stopped judging yourself for where you thought you SHOULD be.  That is the kind of relationship I want with myself - a relationship that serves me.