Episode #54 Story Time: The Story you Tell about You - Part 2

This is how super heroes are formed:

1. Tragic event

2. Discovery of "new normal"

3. Resistance ...why can't things just be the way they were?

4. The epiphany, "Wait a minute ...I can help people & save lives.  This isn't a curse, it's a gift!!!"

This is their "Origin Story" - the tragedy that equipped them to be exceptional.  What if you started looking for your epiphany?  Do you ever focus on the gifts ...the unexpected blessings ...the "superpowers" that you've gained explicitly BECAUSE of the tough times you've walked through in your life?

When I go back through my life with this perspective, i begin to see the exact same events that have always haunted me with gratitude for wisdom I gained instead of resentment for the pain I experienced.  I start to see the times I let myself down, let people I care about down, the pattern of coming up short, the times I was wronged, and the self destructive behaviors I've repeated as a refining process.  Like a test of strength that was required to bring my power to the surface.

At the end of the day, no matter how hard we try, how much we berate ourselves, or how much we forgive, we can't change any of the events of the past.  We can only change our thoughts about those events and what that will mean about how we show up in our NEXT challenge.  I choose Super Hero!!  Who will you be?