The 5am Trade. Is it worth it?

Whit and I break down our path through the obstacles to becoming "morning people."  The biggest game changer was getting honest about what we'd have to give up and what we would gain.  Having the TRUTH on the table ...NOT just the story we were telling ourselves ...allowed to us to truly understand what we were trading.

We had a lot of resistance when Whit brought up the idea of going running at 5am in the Winter of 2017 - one main point of contention was that WE WEREN'T RUNNERS!!!

Other thoughts like

  • I don't have time
  • It will be too hard
  • I'll just quit
  • It's not safe
  • It might be unhealthy
  • It's not going to make any difference

...then the kicker:  I can't get up that early because I WILL BE TOO TIRED.

It sounded so true ...after all it's science.  Less sleep = more tired.  But did there NEED to be less sleep?  Wait - why DO I go to bed at 11pm?  Aaahhh - T.V.

So I actually COULD do this, but I'd need to give up T.V.  Now this just went from scary to terrifying!!

We tried it.  It was tough.  It was worth it.  It was so worth it would take an entire podcast to explain it :)

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