No More Shame: The battle is not with food

As a person of faith, I’d pray, “Jesus, help me to stop emotionally eating and giving into cravings.”

It wouldn’t be long after that prayer, I’d be in the pantry eating spoons of Nutella or a bag of chips.

Quickly, I’d feel flooded with guilt, “you’re such a failure. See, you ARE out of control.”

My desire to be healthy, was no longer JUST about losing 40lbs, it was about being free from the guilt.

I WANTED to believe God could help me make healthy changes and stick to them, but WHY wasn’t He helping me?

Sometimes, the more I prayed, the more desperate and out of control I felt.

I discovered, He was teaching me something MUCH bigger than weight loss.

He actually wanted to give me MORE than I could see.

Today, I know what was missing: I was focused on fixing the symptom not the cause.

The battle wasn’t with food/drink.

The battle was with the mind.

I stopped thinking "I'm such a failure and out of control". Instead, I practiced thinking “I can do all things through Christ”, I felt more capable and the cravings lowered tremendously.

I'd go days without emotionally eating or binge-eating sugar.

Since my problem wasn’t food, my solution wasn’t food.

Believe me, I tried EVERY diet to try to FIX my problem.

I couldn’t consistently STICK to any of them.

It became clearer that my problem was my thinking about WHO I am. Which meant my solution WAS seeing myself in Christ.

Now, the burden of becoming healthier was easier and lighter.

I stopped exhausting myself with striving in my own will.

Today, I still have days where my emotions hop in the driver seat and I eat more sugar or food than normal. That's ok, I'm human.

The difference is, I don’t SHAME myself because I know it's not about food, I know how to be victorious in my mind.

My result is a consistently, healthier lifestyle, plus more confidence and freedom.

It’s one of the best gifts you can GIVE yourself. If this resonates with you, then I have great news for you!

We have a free 3-day training that teaches you how to win this health battle. How to become victorious in your mind, so you can feel more freedom and confident.

We’ll teach you our 3-step approach. This training is much bigger than weight loss.

We’ve helped people lose 30 lbs, 40 lbs, and even 70lbs with this process but that's only the icing on the cake. Weight loss is one of the side effects.

More freedom and confidence is closer than you can see. I promise.