Life After People Pleasing

You've been there before.  You're committed.  You've got a plan.  You've prepped your veggies and protein.  This is the week you're going to make the changes.  And then it begins:

  • "Mom - I'm not going to be able to eat before practice tonight."
  • "Is it OK if Maddy spends the night?"
  • "Hey babe, let's do date night Thursday night.  What do you say to going out to a nice restaurant and getting appetizers AND dessert!?!?"

Maybe you even get the words out, "I had planned to eat healthy this week."

But the rebuttals come in, "Oh come on - you deserve a night out."  "One dinner won't make that much of a difference."

And deep down, you agree, but mostly because you think the same stuff.  It's not going to make a difference, I'll just blow it in a few days anyway, it's so selfish to ruin everyone's night since I never even stick with it."

...and there it is.  You go to the back burner, your weight stays the same, you have plenty of fuel to beat yourself up for failing again.

But at least other people are happy ...for tonight.

What if you could end that cycle?  What if you could fill yourself up with so much love and validation that you become the example you dream of being for your family?  How would you show up differently at your ideal health?

Is it really selfish to make some difficult choices on the way to that change?

I like the way Shanna puts it, "NO!"

Shanna did it.  She lived that reality and she did the work to live a new one now!!  Check out her story.

To start life without people pleasing, check out Trust U!