Your Worth is NOT a Number on a Scale

When Chelsie started her time with Steadfast Life Coaching, her biggest obstacle was that she didn't believe she was worth the tough choices required to reach her goals.  She was plagued by lies running on repeat in her mind that had been so well practiced they now felt like truth.

The journey away from one framework of belief to another can be extremely uncomfortable, so Chelsie started off by borrowing belief from Whitney and I ...and her supportive husband.  As she kept doing the work she built some belief in herself and the progress was even faster.

Recently she began to include her faith in Jesus as she sought this transformation ...and that adjustment has changed EVERYTHING!!!

If you feel trapped by the story in your mind ...or if you just thought, "Yeah, but mine's not a story, it's reality" - then Chelsie's story could be just what you need to put some cracks in that wall that is holding you back.

And when you're ready to bust those cracks open, that's our specialty. Learn more about Trust U.