Your Limiting Beliefs Won't Survive 

14,000 ft Summit Retreat

Apply for July 2024

Accepting All Applications for

6-day Backpack & Summit


Get ready for an "as real as it gets" adventure experience.  When you join this adventure, you are joining an incredible team.  Not only will you experience a new level of connection and support to the people, but you'll feel valued that the rest of us are counting on you as well.  The way you see yourself will never be the same.

"I've been able to prove to myself that I am and always have been physically and mentally strong enough to climb a mountain and overcome my fears."

Jennifer A.

"This trip has been the key to unlock the box that's been shut for 40 years. I am my true self. I feel so happy and present. "

Rachel H.

Apply for July 2024

You don't need experience climbing a 14,000 foot mountain but we do prefer you are physically active and in good enough shape to walk a half-marathon. You'll be required to carry a 20-30 lb backpack that includes your tent, food, and some of the teams gear. We want to be sure you're safe. 

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The "14,000 ft Summit" Retreat

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Accomplish the Impossible and Obliterate Limiting Beliefs.

Learn how to enjoy the process of believing that the impossible is reasonable:

  • Manage your struggle by focusing on your teammates
  • Tap into your max potential in unfamiliar environments
  • See what it feels like to take your doubts to top of the mountain

It’s time to show your self doubt that from this day forward, you're not living with it, it is living with you.

Be on a Like-minded Supportive Team

When your top priority in life becomes getting to camp before the storm hits and your strategy to have water when you need it, you're grateful to have an awesome team of people with you. Experience the encouragement and peace that follows with the fellowship.

Train Your Mind with Whit and Jake

Twenty-four hour access to Whit and Jake's coaching, encouragement, and guidance through their mindset retreat specifically built for the mountains of your real-life and summiting.

Awaken your Inner Adventurer & Athlete

Every day will bring challenges, decisions, and life altering victories. This is a FEAST for the athlete inside you. Your relationship with God and yourself will deepen to levels you thought would take years.


Wilderness Permits limit this offer to 7 people



Reserve your Spot

  • 5 Days and 4 Nights in the Eastern Sierras
  • Use of tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pack, all community gear and 5 experienced guides
  • All food - including victory dinner!
  • Transportation between Manhattan Beach & Lone Pine & Trailhead
  • Mindset coaching program to eliminate limiting beliefs,

It’s Time To Blow your Own Mind

With Top Tier Mindset Coaches, an awe inspiring environment, and a team both supporting you and counting on your contribution, you've discovered the perfect recipe to awaken your inner athlete and rise to a challenge you've only imagined.  It is impossible to come down from the mountain unchanged.

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We are Jake and Whit.

Most would describe us as a loving couple, Christians, and adventurers. Most of all we want to make sure you have the skills you need to remain in the driver's seat of your experience of life

We believe there is an athlete inside you that knows how to do what it takes in the championship moments, show up your best in that moments that demand the most courage, and live life in the arena instead of watching from the stands. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start courageously living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join us a journey of adding fun to fear and fostering the unapologetic confidence of an athlete.