Boys Weekend - 4 days alone with a one month old

May 03, 2022

Whit headed out to California to grow her mind with some of the best in the world, and I got to spend 96 hours with my son who needs a bottle every 3rd one.  I decided to use the same technique we coach clients with:  Plan, Execute, Evaluate, Adjust …and I documented it as I went so we can ALL learn from the film room :)


  1. Plans are better held loosely otherwise I spend my energy trying to bend reality to meet the fantasy I created rather than adjusting my response to the situation I’m actually in
  2. Taking authority over my experience of life is about building skills and learning to use tools, not getting to the top of a mountain so I can check it off my bucket list.  Beating myself up for feeling out of control is an indication that I am misunderstanding this journey
  3. It takes energy to interrupt the pattern you’re in, but if you don’t like what the pattern is producing, that is energy well spent. 

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