Confessions of a Recovering Striver



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Welcome, friend! I'm Whitney Roehl, I'm a recovering Striver. What is a striver?


For me, it was constantly aiming for perfection, relying on my own ambition, strength, and ability. As a Christian, I'd ask God for help but He was my last resort, not my first. Nothing was ever "good enough"I constantly needed to do more, to have more.

I felt empty and exhausted.


When, I finally got to the end of myself, Jesus crashed in with His personable love.

Since then, I've repented of being self-sufficient, constantly striving. Now, I live surrendered. Join me, on this journey.


The Writers Journey & Reveling in Splendor Dec 19, 2023

Writing for a blog (even though it's my own) is harder than I anticipated. 

In the process to quiet my life, I'd gotten off all social media and limited my consumption of t.v. and podcasts. A nudge from God and cry for inner silence from the constant chatter and...

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