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Stop Thinking POORLY About You

whits blog Feb 23, 2021

How you think about you makes a difference.


This has been one of the biggest learning curves. I grew up in a dysfunctional household with alcoholics, so stability and safety felt like a luxury. It was more of a special occasion rather than a normality. I know I’m not alone in this department but learning that didn’t make the changes any easier.


The way I thought about myself- who I was and what I was capable of doing was very limiting. These beliefs felt true and didn't seem optional. It was more comfortable to feel chaotic then to experience peace.

Some of the thoughts I had about myself included, “I’m broken beyond repair”, “I’ll never reach a safe place,” and “I’m unworthy of that type of love.


These thoughts created behaviors that made quitting easy when things got tough. I'd quickly leave relationships when I felt threatened. I would settle for almost anything if I got it easily. My...

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