Confessions of a Recovering Striver



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Welcome, friend! I'm Whitney Roehl, I'm a recovering Striver. What is a striver?


For me, it was constantly aiming for perfection, relying on my own ambition, strength, and ability. As a Christian, I'd ask God for help but He was my last resort, not my first. Nothing was ever "good enough"I constantly needed to do more, to have more.

I felt empty and exhausted.


When, I finally got to the end of myself, Jesus crashed in with His personable love.

Since then, I've repented of being self-sufficient, constantly striving. Now, I live surrendered. Join me, on this journey.


Dear Beloved Daughter of God Mar 21, 2024

Dear Beloved Daughter of God,

Let me remind you of the love our Father has lavished on you.
It's limitless and can NOT be measured!

REFUSE to be led astray by needing others approval.
Stop second guessing your worthiness.

You were created for THIS exact moment, this battle, and this purpose.
You ARE...

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